Albuquerque Journal

Anti-crime proposal


The crime package unveiled Thursday by House Democrats from Albuquerqu­e includes 16 provisions that are expected to be introduced as bills during the upcoming 30-day legislativ­e session. Here are highlights:

■ Create new criminal penalty for failing to safely store firearms out of children’s reach.

■ Establish state office of gun violence protection.

■ Bar or reduce high-capacity ammunition magazines for automatic weapons.

■ Increase pay levels and provide retention bonuses for law enforcemen­t officers.

■ Crack down on those who own or operate chop shops that sell stolen vehicle parts.

■ Extend statute of limitation­s and increase existing penalties for seconddegr­ee murder.

■ Ramp up funding for crime prevention grant program for local communitie­s.

■ Strengthen state’s pretrial detention program to keep certain individual­s charged with violent crimes in jail until trial.

■ Expand youth substance abuse and detox centers.

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