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- — DS — Lindsey — Old Schooler


the NCAA Tournament talk; the Lobos have lost their mojo and may not win another game. As for Dent being our point guard of the future? Meh! His shooting range is 4 feet; he can’t defend; and his ball handling is weak. Finally, Pitino is being outcoached by coaches with less talent and depth.


expect any sympathy from Wyoming coach Jeff Linder for the Lobos operating shorthande­d. They’ve been without their No. 1 guy, Graham Ike, all season and then subsequent­ly lost Noah Reynolds to injury. While I felt sick after the Lobos dropped the game, my hat is off to Wyoming for being able to remain competitiv­e. The Lobos are going to have to figure it out with a way to compensate.

— Bob, UNM Area

STILL LOVE my Lobos. I will always have your back.

— RCK Alumni and fan

I’M GUESSING about now the House haters are like, “we need Jaelen back on the floor, now!”



right their ship, they could get a bid to the NIT but not the big dance. I feel that would be better. One & done at the big dance but probably would win a few NIT games with chance at the championsh­ip.


don’t give up! There is still hope. All they have to do is win the tournament in Las Vegas. — DS, Los Lunas

IT’S OUTRAGEOUS that UNM’s basketball players and its institutio­n are being linked nationally to the misdeeds by those at New Mexico State through NBC entities. One expects better research to be undertaken by these outlets. What a negative impact these ordeals have had on our state. Hazing, a brawl and a shooting dating back to last summer? Though UNM, too, has had issues over the years, could it be any more obvious at this time that at NMSU, the athletic department is out of control?

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