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Many New Mexico businesses can get free energy audits


Agroup of students from Arizona want to find out how energy efficient Albuquerqu­e businesses are. And they want to do it for free.

As part of Arizona State University’s Energy Efficiency Center, a group of about a dozen students, both undergradu­ate and graduate, have been conducting free energy audits on industrial and commercial facilities around Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Students analyze energy usage data and utility bills, and tour facilities to find areas where businesses can streamline their energy usage.

The program, which is funded by the Department of Energy, has been around since the 1990s. DOE awarded ASU with a contract in 2017 and recently renewed the contract for an additional five years.

“Our reports will calculate carbon emissions savings, as well as the energy savings,” said Hannah Seyler, a student in the program and energyeffi­ciency specialist. “For the businesses themselves, it shows what they can save in money, so it’s kind of a win-win … the companies themselves will save money and will provide a service that kind of helps the world a little.”

Students at the Energy Efficiency Center come from a variety of majors, including sustainabi­lity, and environmen­tal, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineerin­g.

Groups of students have recently conducted energy audits for a handful of New Mexico businesses in Los Alamos and Las Cruces. But program leader Lyndee Tisinger said they’re trying to find more clients in Albuquerqu­e.

“Not only are we giving these free assessment­s to clients, but also we’re training the next generation of energy-efficiency specialist­s,” said Breanna Fulton, another student in the program.

Find out more or schedule an audit at https://iac.engineerin­g.­informatio­n/

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