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TIME FOR THE NMSU athletic mascot “Pistol Pete — a cowboy with two six-shooters” to be banished. New Mexico state law (30-7-2-4 NMSA 1978), guns are strictly prohibited on university premises. NMSU has earned the reputation as the world’s most prestigiou­s institutio­n for chile research. A farmer holding a red and green chile in each hand; with a hoe resting on his chest. Wearing a tee shirt with “Aggies” emblazoned on it, seems appropriat­e.

— North Valley Wally

TO REALLY BE effective and top notch, the UNM Howl-Raisers section needs to be 100% bona fide underclass students, with IDs checked and enforced to enter that section. No more allowing grey haired, middle-aged people sitting on the front row. No more little kids. No more Snake, who could possibly be UNM’s longest active “student.”

— Dull Dave, Albuquerqu­e

DEFINITION OF insanity: keep playing the same man to man defense that gave up 92 points to a below average Colorado State basketball team. Coach Pitino: call me, and I’ll explain the virtue of switching to a zone defense on occasion.

— Steve Suiter

ATTENTION NMAA basketball tournament referees: Look into my eyes and repeat after me, “the Euro-step is actually a traveling violation.”

— Professor Olde School

NEW MEXICO HIGH SCHOOL basketball playoffs don’t get much better than a, too many times to count, “OH WOW” almost upset game! 14th ranked Silver almost pulled off (in overtime) a win against a tall, talented 3rd ranked Pius team at home, who eventually won 59-56. Both coaches deserved kudos for a wellcoache­d game… and for the players, it was the kind of game they are bound to remember for a lifetime.

— AU

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