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Advanced Energy Technology Act encourages innovation


The climate crisis is urgent. So, when I see an opportunit­y to contribute to the fight to reduce carbon emissions, I’m all in.

The Advanced Energy Technology Act, House Bill 12, which would create tools and incentives and expand the Economic Developmen­t Department to prioritize sustainabl­e energy technologi­es, is a creative, out-of-the-box idea. Unlike a lot of bills, this one does exactly what it says — it establishe­s a framework for supporting the developmen­t and expansion of, well, advanced energy technologi­es, in order to help New Mexico meet our sustainabl­e energy goals and become carbon-free by 2045.

As a legislator, I spend a lot of time with entreprene­urs and other creative minds who in turn spend a lot of their time searching for innovative solutions to big problems — including emissions reduction. Their passion is what gives me hope we can solve the climate crisis, and working with these eager, imaginativ­e minds is one of the best parts of my job.

Our state has much to offer and is in a unique position to become a leader in advanced energy, from our national labs, research universiti­es, abundant renewable resources and energy technologi­es.

But too often, I see the efforts of the brightest and most committed minds are hampered by “the way we’ve always done things” here in New Mexico. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had someone share what could be a genuine solution to a problem, only to discover that the ability to give it a try is hampered by fear of making incrementa­l progress, or allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

Let’s be clear: I love that our New Mexico culture is uniquely rooted in our past. We must continue to protect our heritage, fiercely and passionate­ly, and I hope that never changes.

But as the climate crisis accelerate­s and the need for serious, sustainabl­e solutions accelerate­s along with it, we urgently need new solutions to the climate crisis. Virtually by definition, those solutions will come from those bright, agile, passionate minds. The Advanced Energy Technology Act will give them an important additional tool for turning those solutions into reality.

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Meredith Dixon

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