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1.) EDDIE NUÑEZ thought the NIT would be a good idea for the UNM men’s basketball team. After the Lobos trailed to Utah Valley by 22 points on Bob King Court - well, maybe not. Coach King is rolling over in his grave. 2.) If the saying “it’s not how you start (14-0) but how you finish (8-12)” holds true, then the season was actually nothing more than mediocre. 3.) Hopefully Richard Pitino and Mike Bradbury will take the “Paul Weir Pledge” - the golf clubs remain in the office closet until UNM receives an NCAA bid.

-- Lobo Town Resident

CAN’T BELIEVE the negative comments from Chris and Simon in Rio Rancho and others. Guys played hard, had some tough losses and Pitino so much better than last 2 coaches. Love my Lobos always.


CONGRATS TO the Lobo men’s basketball team for a great season! It’s about time to pay Richard “NITino” a salary that is consistent with his performanc­e.

— Steve, Paradise Hills

AS SOMEONE who was born in NC and attended UNM beginning in 1979 I consider myself both a UNC and UNM fan. As such I see snarky comments made by those who have no clue what being a fan means and it makes me laugh. And, playing city or county men’s league ball doesn’t actually mean that you folks know anything about coaching a major college team so, stop. The Lobos had great year playing well above expectatio­ns, they need to be congratula­ted.

— tarheelbil­l

THE VENOM spewed by Lobo haters is actually quite amusing. No fan of a team likes to lose. Wonder how Arizona fan’s feel about how their coach “failed” them in the NCAA tournament? Arizona now owns the mantle of being a #2 seed losing to a #15 Ivy League school thus supplantin­g UNM’s loss to Harvard. Enjoy the madness.

— Rudy the Attorney

QUITTERS: Nice job, LaTascya and LaTora, of letting your teammates down.

— da Don, ABQ

SORRY TO SEE the Duff twins go out like they did; I hope they are OK. I’m guessing they left because they were fed up with Bradbury’s acerbic coaching style.

— DSS OK BRADBURY HATERS, explain away

Thursday night’s win.

— MAL, Albuquerqu­e

KUDOS TO THE Lady Lobos for beating NAU, while playing short handed after two of your teammates bailed on the team deciding not to play in the WNIT. A collateral benefit was some lesser used players got major playing time.

— Bob, UNM Area

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