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Un­til a few months ago, Si­cil­ian 35-years-old Stefania Spampinato was an ac­tress look­ing for an op­por­tu­nity in Los An­ge­les as well as a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s fan. “I watched 13 sea­sons on TV,” she says now that she ap­pears along­side her fa­vorite char­ac­ters. She plays the role of gy­ne­col­o­gist Ca­rina De Luca, sis­ter of Dr. An­drew De Luca, not be a mar­ginal role.

Born and raised in Cata­nia, Spampinato, at age 19, aimed to be­come a pro­fes­sional dancer: “I first moved to Mi­lan, then to Lon­don, where I lived for 5 years. There I started study­ing act­ing, but I never thought it could be my job. I did not want to: my dream was to be a dancer.”

Ten years later, a new life change when she moved to Los An­ge­les: “There I be­gan to study act­ing more se­ri­ously. I was 29 and I started from scratch again.” She says that her first au­di­tions were bad, and she had a hard time to find good ones, un­til her turn­ing point: “I went to the au­di­tion for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ without know­ing how big the role was. They were look­ing for an ac­tress who spoke Ital­ian, but I thought it just a guest star role, maybe for a pa­tient...” But it was not so, and this is one of those roles that can change a ca­reer. “Of­ten I say, ‘is this re­ally hap­pen­ing?’ I’m su­per happy.” Her first fan was her mother, who she lost not long ago: “Not be­ing able to share all of this with her was very bad. My mom is the main rea­son I started this ca­reer: I was a Si­cil­ian girl and she let me go, she was al­ways my great­est sup­porter. But there is one thing: I re­ceived the news that I had the role on her birth­day and be­gan to shoot on her name-day. Even at home, ev­ery­one was even more ex­cited be­cause of this.”

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