Ac­quafres­caio – from 1836

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The small pi­azza in front of Caffè Gam­brinua is called Pi­azza Tri­este e Trento and rather sur­pris­ingly, here you’ll also find tracks from the Naples’ long gas­tro­nomic tra­di­tions. Look out for the small juice stall next to the news­pa­per kiosk. It car­ries the name Ac­quafres­caio and dates back to 1836. The present owner, An­to­nio Guerra, who has run the small stall since 1972, says: “In the first half of the 19th cen­tury, you could find the so-called ac­quafres­cai in crowded mar­ket places. Here they came to sell freshly made or­ange and lemon juice. They car­ried the fruit in a large bas­ket on their heads. Usu­ally they didn’t have a fixed place, so they went from one mar­ket place to another. Only years later some of them man­aged to get a place of their own, just like the one I have to­day”. An­to­nio tells me, that all the cit­rus fruit comes from the Sor­rento Coast, near Naples, and that the best sea­son goes from April to June, when the fruit reaches per­fect mat­u­ra­tion. “Just taste this glass”, he says, and places a gar­ish yel­low vi­ta­min bomb with freshly pressed or­anges and lemons in front of me. And of course I have to ad­mit, that this re­ally is a taste of heaven, es­pe­cially if such a glass is en­joyed dur­ing a hot Naples sum­mer. “This is some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent com­pared to the drinks from ‘the other world’ … Coca-cola, Whiskey and what­ever they are called”, An­to­nio says laugh­ing. And of course I have to agree with him: It’s quite a dif­fer­ent taste. Al­most a taste of his­tory.

Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 80139 Napoli

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