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Rovagnati goes to the United States with Italian quality. Known for its attention to authentici­ty and taste, the Italian charcuteri­e is one of Made in Italy’s flagship brands. Now the company has partnered with a stateside venue representa­tive of Italian culinary tradition on American soil. Rovagnati will guide epicurious visitors on a journey of discovery that satisfies the appetite, along with the heart and soul. Because food is never simple sustenance, but an all-round culture of emotions and experience­s. ITALICO RESTAURANT, PALO ALTO Silicon Valley has southern Italian taste

In the 50s, northern Italians would commonly call their southern compatriot­s “Terún”. The term was a snobbish and arrogant way to refer to the less-developed regions of the peninsula and their inhabitant­s. Brandishin­g the term on a sign, a clutch of southern Italian restaurant entreprene­urs, instead, leveraged the label and founded one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic eating establishm­ents. The trio behind the venture is composed of two Calabrian brothers, Maico and Franco Campilongo, and a chef from Puglia, Krystian D’angelo. With their southern roots deep in their hearts, they told the story of Italian flavor to the American public. Now when the term “Terún” is used in Palo Alto, it is a compliment, equivalent to the best of Italian cuisine — from their signature pizza to traditiona­l dishes. Nothing was easy, instead it was all a great achievemen­t. “When we realized that it was time to start our culinary conquest to include the rest of the Italian peninsula,” says Maico, “we began a sort of culinary unificatio­n, starting from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies down south, not from the northern region of Piedmont”. This journey of flavors quickly found sanctuary in the temple of pasta known as italico. The venue is the brain child of Maico, Franco and Krystian’s creativity. The dishes tell the story of quality products and passion united. “When we started working on the menu we immediatel­y said that Italian pasta, cheese and salami, typical of the Mediterran­ean tradition, would be our strong point. When you are lucky enough to come from a culinary culture like the Italian one, you just have to work on promoting this value. Our kitchen has

only one mission: to satisfy nutritiona­l needs while pleasing palate”. There is a classic foundation springing from Palo Alto, but also a flair for reinterpre­ting and innovating that is so symbolic of a true California­n startup. And then there is the human element, central to the philosophy of the italico team: an unwavering openess to listen to the stories of those who dine there, whether it is Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos or a tourist passing by. Here stocking the kitchen with Italian quality is a constant. This top-of-the-line approach is also what led to the partnershi­p with Rovagnati. “When renown cooking instructor Viola Buitoni suggested we speak with Export Manager for the Rovagnati Group Lorenzo Tedeschi, the union was natural and immediate”. Gran Biscotto Rovagnati already had an establishe­d market in Italy. After just a few meetings, a spontaneou­s marriage of company philosophi­es was born, based on respect for quality, products and work ethics. We saw our roots, mentality and future vision in their tradition”. It is also thanks to this combinatio­n that in just two years since opening, italico landed a write up in the New York Times and was named the best Italian restaurant in Palo Alto for 2018. Maico knows why. “We are convinced that our continuous and strong ties to Italy, along with the intense cooperatio­n amongst all 11 employees and founding members, is the key”, he says. “We are a big family and we work as a team, which gives us harmony to accomplish great results. All this without forgetting the vital role of reliable partners like Italfoods from San Francisco, who has been working here for over 40 years.

Our clients’ palates are ever more demanding. We are in Silicon Valley, but people here move, travel and taste our regional dishes. We have to live up to their expectatio­ns. Having Rovagnati amongst our suppliers keeps us true blue”.

ITALICO RESTAURANT 341 S. California Ave, Palo Alto CA 94306


A colorful cuisine to illustrate Italy in the world

To be in many places while having only one home: after twenty years from the first opening, Rossopomod­oro still wants to spread this principle, if not to strengthen it. Whether you are in Italy, London, Nice, Sao Paulo, Reykjavik, Jeddah or New York, when you sit down at the table the feeling is only one: to be in Naples, in the place where it all began. In fact, it is from the city of Naples that Rossopomod­oro began its path; a catering project nourished by the passion for this land and its culinary treasures, with the overbearin­g desire to project itself beyond its borders, becoming a noble ambassador of a wealth to be shared. This path of complicity also welcomed Rovagnati in making it feel at home.

When, in 1997, Franco Manna and a couple of friends opened the first restaurant in the Neapolitan district of Mergellina, they did not know what the future held for them, but they were certainly aware of what they wanted at that moment: bring out the soul of the Neapolitan cuisine, enriching it with the best culinary products of the rest of Italy, to create an irresistib­le offer that caters for all palates and all needs. They succeeded by starting from the fundamenta­ls, i.e. pizza, the undisputed queen of the menus in the capital of Campania. Here, pizza is a powerful symbol of identity and belonging, but also of conviviali­ty and openness, for this reason, it went perfectly well with the delicious selection of typical Italian recipes, a triumph of first and second courses, fried foods and traditiona­l desserts. Since then, Rossopomod­oro consolidat­ed itself as a brand that represents Italy at three hundred and sixty degrees. It did so by traveling the world and expanding with a network of restaurant­s that represents a large-scale model of a true family, free from borders and difference­s. In the United States, the brand arrived together with the creativity and experience of Simone Falco, a restaurate­ur who grew up in the Rossopomod­oro family. He is the nephew of Franco Manna, and he probably inherited from him his enterprise and the desire to promote the good name of the Italian cuisine around the world. His menu is made of simple and tasty dishes, healthy and flavorful, which are obviously inspired by his Neapolitan education. Because if it is true that the door to the world opened in Naples, once the first steps were taken, the mission and vision of Rossopomod­oro in the transition between generation­s have expanded to have as priorities the pride in the Made in Italy cuisine and the quality of its good food. Taking a trip to go far from your comfort zone is not easy, thus it is essential to identify the most suitable companions to face the challenges that the task sets ahead: Rovagnati and Rossopomod­oro successful­ly outlined the map of Italian taste, joining the north and the south of the country in a whirlwind of incomparab­le flavors and aromas. Gran Biscotto, the pride of the Italian cold cuts tradition, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, San Daniele, and Mortadella join the typical ingredient­s of the Neapolitan tradition to create special and unique dishes. To share the passion for

one’s work, for the raw materials, and for the gastronomi­c culture: this is the winning recipe that Rossopomod­oro - and Rovagnati within his network - wants to offer to New York customers. “Quality without compromise and extreme respect for traditions - Simone Falco explains - bring together Rossopomod­oro and Rovagnati in this dream, soon a reality, to make the true Italian cuisine appreciate­d all over the world.” Rossopomod­oro, with its New York location and with an important presence in the Eataly stores in the Big Apple - but also in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles – has the opportunit­y to reinforce itself as a reference point of the Mediterran­ean gastronomi­c culture: pizza and the Neapolitan cuisine are the essential starting point to tell a story of Italian excellence. Simone Falco has no doubts: “abroad we are even more careful to better communicat­e our authentici­ty, because we want our customers to understand also our history and become part of it.” The same principle of authentici­ty embraced at the time by Paolo Rovagnati and that today allows the two companies to join forces in offering their customers a traditiona­l but never superficia­l idea of Italian cuisine. ROSSOPOMOD­ORO 118 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

 ??  ?? Maico Campilongo with the Apulian chef Krystian D’angelo
Maico Campilongo with the Apulian chef Krystian D’angelo
 ??  ?? A selection of Coppa and Prosciutto Crudo Rovagnati (italico) Lasagna with Prosciutto Gran Biscotto (Terùn)
A selection of Coppa and Prosciutto Crudo Rovagnati (italico) Lasagna with Prosciutto Gran Biscotto (Terùn)
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 ??  ??
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Simone Falco, Chef and Owner of Rossopomod­oro
Simone Falco, Chef and Owner of Rossopomod­oro
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