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- Marco Bertollini

Finally, at the end of Milan Design Week, the Prada Foundation opened Torre, its new nine-storey tower in Milan that offers visitors a new perspectiv­e on the city, through its large windows. This last building completed by architect Rem Koolhaas’s project that converted a former distillery into an art hub for the billionair­e fashion designer and collector Muccia Prada. In the long-awaited Torre, a 60-meter-high white concrete building with an irregular profile, art, fashion, and food merge into a multi-purpose, yet coherent, ensemble. A total of 2000 square meters of exposition area is spread between first six floors – currently hosting the Atlas projectwhi­le other three floors are dedicated to restaurant­s and services, with the roof-top terrace conceived as a flexible space to accommodat­e a bar with a 360 degrees view on the city. The restaurant on the sixth and seventh floor, with windows and terrace overlookin­g the city center, is furnished with pieces from New York’s Four Seasons Restaurant, which was designed by Philip Johnson in 1958, as well as pieces from Höller’s pop-up nightclub experience, which made its debut at Art Basel in Miami Beach in November 2017.

For the Torre restaurant, resident chef Fabio Cucchelli has sourced recipes inspired by regional recipes without focusing on a personal style, indeed, in collaborat­ion with Care’s (the worldwide project that brings together ethical chefs), the kitchen will host for four or five times a year young chefs under 30 from all over the world: each of them will work with Cucchelli for a couple of weeks, offering a distinctiv­e menu from their country. In Torre, the furnishing, the gourmet dishes, and the works of art on the walls all the elements contribute, with “a collage of pre-existing themes and elements” – as Koolhaas says – to create an atmosphere that has both an old-world charm and an internatio­nal appeal.


Largo Isarco, 2 / Via Giovanni Lorenzini, 14 Milan Bar: 18.00 – 2.00 / Restaurant 19.00 – 24.00 Tel: 02 23323910 www.fondazione­

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