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Gi­a­como D’alessan­dro is the pas­try chef from Palermo that found the way to de­light his cus­tomers in New York with per­fect can­noli by us­ing liq­uid ni­tro­gen to use ri­cotta made by shep­herds in San Bi­a­gio Pla­tani, in the prov­ince of Agri­gento (Si­cily), as fresh as if it was pre­pared min­utes be­fore the mo­ment it is used to fill the pas­try. He has also re­cently opened a new lo­ca­tion where he makes gelato with the same in­gre­di­ents, pro­ce­dures, ma­chines, and pas­sion with which it is made in his Si­cily.

The idea of Polosud (South Pole) is to of­fer, in Mott Street, in the heart of North Lit­tle Italy, the au­then­tic gelato that is made in the South of Italy thou­sands and thou­sands of miles away. Con­sid­er­ing that freez­ing for the trans­porta­tion would re­quire to lower its tem­per­a­ture so much that it would end up re­sem­bling an Amer­i­can ice-cream, rather than a Si­cil­ian gelato, the chef de­cided to pro­duce it by hand on site. The most of raw ma­te­ri­als come from Italy – the Si­cil­ian pis­ta­chios from Bronte, the hazel­nuts from Pied­mont, the choco­late from Mod­ica – and all the other in­gre­di­ents are se­lected to guar­an­tee the best qual­ity – dark choco­late from South Amer­ica, milk se­lected from a farm in the north of the state of New York with 60% less fat (iden­ti­cal to the Ital­ian one). Ev­ery­thing pro­duced and dis­patched the same day. With this care­ful re­search of tra­di­tional in­gre­di­ents, D’alessan­dro com­bines the in­no­va­tion of mod­ern ma­chin­ery im­ported from Italy, an es­sen­tial com­bi­na­tion to ob­tain a prod­uct of the high­est qual­ity unique in its kind. D’alessan­dro ad­mit­ted that com­bin­ing Amer­i­can habits with Ital­ian gelato has been a chal­lenge, how­ever, in the 21-tra­di­tional-fla­vors menu he in­tro­duced a fla­vor called “The Amer­i­can” that is made with fresh bananas and peanut but­ter, as well as one made with “Rum and Mint”. In ad­di­tion to home­made gelato, there is also be Si­cil­ian pas­try, duly rep­re­sented by can­noli, prof­iteroles with sweet cream, and “Bri­oche con Gelato”, a hot pas­try filled with cold gelato.

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