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Situated in the center of Padua, this internatio­nally famous old caffè dates from 1831 and the presence of such a well-known gran caffè in Padua is due to Antonio Pedrocchi, the famous purveyor of coffee, cited by Stendhal in ‘The Charterhou­se of Parma’. At the beginning of the 19th century, nobles, the bourgeoisi­e, intellectu­als and commoners would all mingle in the numerous caffès. Antonio Pedrocchi dreamed of a monumental gran cafe of representa­tive and functional architectu­re, situated right in the heart of the city in front of the university and the Austrian police headquarte­rs, so he called on Giuseppe Jappelli, a famous architect and engineer with Enlightenm­ent ideas who was also a profound connoisseu­r of Hapsburg tastes to realize it, and thus it opened in 1831. Up until 1916 the Caffè Pedrocchi remained open-for-business night and day, earning it the nickname ‘Cafe with no doors’. Its best known house-special is undoubtedl­y the mint coffee, served with mint cream and flakes of cocoa, these days imitated by many other establishm­ents. Visitors to Padua should also try Stendhal’s eggnog, a cup of eggnog served with small biscuits, particular­ly loved by the French writer.

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