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The Arco lamp con­sists of a metal arc in­serted into a mar­ble base. De­signed by brothers Achille and Pier­gia­como Castiglioni for Flos in 1962, it’s per­haps the most fa­mous floor lamp in history. The brothers said that they were in­spired by the evoca­tive forms of the arch and the street­lights of the cities of a few decades ear­lier. The Arco lamp, so lithe and evoca­tive, can­not be con­sid­ered sim­ply an ob­ject, but en­ters fully into the realm of elite de­sign. In his book “Do­ing more with less”, the ar­chi­tect Ste­fano Bo­eri wrote: “Arco is a syn­the­sis of el­e­gance, ge­nius and sim­plic­ity. An ob­ject that does not add, but mul­ti­plies the eco­nomic, aes­thetic and sym­bolic value of the three pieces that joined to­gether cre­ate some­thing new.”

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