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In 1930, An­to­nio Gri­oni car­ried on his fa­ther’s con­fec­tionery busi­ness, and with Agostino Pani­gada and Gio­vanni Cova, de­cided to home-make the “Panet­tone” cake fol­low­ing the old Mi­lan recipe, ac­cord­ing to the deep­rooted Mi­lan tra­di­tion. In or­der to con­firm and un­der­line the su­pe­ri­or­ity of their “deluxe panet­tone”, they made ad­ver­tis­ing posters il­lus­trat­ing the fas­ci­nat­ing his­tory of “Panet­tone”, which has ever since been sur­mounted by an im­pres­sive kingly crown. That crown is still shin­ing brightly on the “BRERAMILAN­O1930” Brand, “un­al­tered in its tra­di­tion though un­der­go­ing con­tin­u­ous evo­lu­tion, as ev­i­dence that true ex­cel­lence lasts over time”. The Christ­mas Col­lec­tion for 2018 is a cra­dle of 7 im­pres­sive col­lec­tions: SATINATI Col­lec­tion, MI­LANO Col­lec­tion, I NOBILI Col­lec­tion, ORO Col­lec­tion, I DEDICATI Col­lec­tion, SPECIALITÀ (Nougat and Can­died Ch­est­nuts) and RICORDI Col­lec­tion. This last one cel­e­brates the col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween BRERAMILAN­O1930 and Ricordi His­tor­i­cal Ar­chive, cus­to­dian of the works of the great­est Masters of Melo­drama, turn­ing the spot­light on the value of Italian cul­ture and mu­sic. The breath-tak­ing and mem­o­rable il­lus­tra­tions ded­i­cated to the Italian Opera by il­lus­tra­tors who caught the splen­dor, the pas­sion, and in­dul­gence of its time – such us Metli­covitz, Du­dovich, Cap­piello, Terzi, and Laskoff - con­served in the Ricordi His­tor­i­cal Ar­chive em­bel­lish the pack­ag­ing of the con­fec­tioner­ies. BRERAMILAN­O1930 gives great im­por­tance to the pre­sen­ta­tion of its prod­ucts be­cause the love and de­vo­tion with which each pas­try and con­fec­tion is made are the same with which they are hand wrapped.

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