Cool Crisp Sal­ads

Beat the mid­sum­mer heat with one of these fresh and easy cold sal­ads. They’re per­fect for pic­nics!

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Thorne­hedge Peach Slaw

ar­­hedge-slaw ½ cup pecan halves

5 fresh peaches

4 cups very thinly sliced

savoy and/or napa cab­bage 1 red bell pep­per, thinly sliced

¼ cup chopped fresh mint leaves ¼ cup chopped green onion 1 tea­spoon cel­ery seeds

¼ cup fresh lemon juice

¼ cup honey

¼ cup veg­etable oil

½ tea­spoon salt

¼ tea­spoon black pep­per

1. Toast pecans in a skil­let over medium heat, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til fra­grant and lightly toasted, 1 to 2 min­utes.

2. Slice 4 of the peaches, with skins, and toss to­gether with cab­bage, bell pep­per, pecans, mint, green onion, and cel­ery seeds in a large bowl. Chill, cov­ered, 45 min­utes.

3. Peel and coarsely chop re­main­ing peach, then purée with lemon juice, honey, oil, salt, and black pep­per in a blender or food pro­ces­sor. Add to slaw mix­ture and toss to coat.

Chill, cov­ered, up to 1 hour. Toss slaw again be­fore serv­ing. Sprin­kle with ad­di­tional black pep­per, if de­sired. PER 1-CUP SERV­ING: 192 CAL; 11.7g FAT (1.2g SAT); 2.6g PRO; 22.9g CARB;

3.8g FIBER; 158mg SODIUM; 18.6g SUG­ARS

Grilled Corn Salad


6 ears fresh corn, husks re­moved 1½ cups chopped toma­toes

(about 3 toma­toes)

1 cup diced green bell pep­per

½ cup chopped fresh cilantro

¼ cup diced red onion 1 ta­ble­spoon canola oil

½ tea­spoon salt, or to taste

¼ tea­spoon black pep­per, or to taste

Lime wedges (op­tional)

1. Pre­heat an out­door grill or grill pan to medium heat (325°F to 375°F); lightly oil grate or pan. Grill corn, turn­ing oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til ten­der and lightly charred, about 10 min­utes. Set aside un­til cool enough to han­dle.

2. Hold corn cobs ver­ti­cally on a cut­ting board. Us­ing a sharp knife, care­fully slice off ker­nels and trans­fer to a large bowl.

3. Add toma­toes, bell pep­per, cilantro, onion, oil, salt, and black pep­per; toss to­gether. Chill, cov­ered, at least 2 hours be­fore serv­ing. Serve with lime wedges (if us­ing). PER ¾-CUP SERV­ING: 88 CAL; 2.7g FAT

(0.4g SAT); 2.8g PRO; 16.2g CARB; 2.4g FIBER; 159mg SODIUM; 5.9g SUG­ARS

“I used reg­u­lar cab­bage and green bell pep­pers, and went with­out

the onion and cel­ery seeds. The salad dress­ing is what re­ally makes

this dish great!”


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