A cit­rus fruit a day just may keep wrin­kles away.

Allrecipes - - Mixer - By Jo­lene Hart

When your skin and your senses crave a mid­win­ter burst of sun­shine, reach for the gems of the sea­son: cit­rus!

Grab a grape­fruit, lemon, lime, kumquat, or­ange, tan­ger­ine, cle­men­tine, pomelo, or other cit­rus fruit. (Ac­tu­ally, when you in­clude ex­otics like yuzu, makrut lime, and Bud­dha’s hand cit­ron, there are more than a thou­sand cit­rus va­ri­eties.)

For in­stant aro­mather­apy, peel back and squeeze a bit of cit­rus rind. The es­sen­tial oils in cit­rus peels de­liver en­er­giz­ing fra­grance and an im­me­di­ate mood boost, one rea­son they’re used in many beauty prod­ucts. Whether the cit­rus you eat is

sug­ary sweet, shock­ingly sour, soft and juicy, or fi­brous and pithy—the flesh in­side is where most of the beauty nu­tri­ents (most no­tably vi­ta­min C) con­gre­gate.

Though it de­pends some­what on the type, a sin­gle serv­ing of most cit­rus fruits de­liv­ers a sub­stan­tial dose of C, a vi­ta­min that helps de­fend the skin and body against free-rad­i­cal

dam­age. Vi­ta­min C is con­tin­u­ally used by the body for this es­sen­tial anti-ag­ing task, so a reg­u­lar dose of cit­rus, like fresh lemon juice (which has nearly a full day’s vi­ta­min C in ½ cup), can be one key to con­sis­tently nour­ish­ing and pro­tect­ing your skin from ag­ing ag­gres­sors. You’ll also want plenty of vi­ta­min C for its im­por­tant role in build­ing col­la­gen and con­nec­tive tis­sue.

The wide range of an­tiox­i­dant com­pounds in cit­rus also hap­pens to be pow­er­fully skin-pro­tec­tive; both grape­fruit and or­ange of­fer phy­to­chem­i­cals that de­fend skin against UV dam­age and light sen­si­tiv­ity.

And those cit­rus scraps we nor­mally trash? They pack some nu­tri­tional trea­sures, too. Cit­rus pith and rind con­tain bioflavonoids that strengthen blood ves­sels, sup­port­ing greater tone and glow and pre­vent­ing vari­cose veins and fluid re­ten­tion. So in­gest­ing a lit­tle zest can be a very good thing.

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