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Just be­cause a lit­tle is good for you doesn’t mean a lot is bet­ter. If you’re gen­er­ally in good health, chances are you can eas­ily get the vi­ta­mins you need through your diet. Here are the rec­om­mended daily amounts* and how to get them:

5,000 IU VI­TA­MIN A

A cup of kale, car­rots, sweet po­tato, or but­ter­nut squash puts you well over the rec­om­mended daily amount.

1.1mg THIAMIN (B1)

A 1-cup serv­ing of cooked egg noo­dles pro­vides a third of your daily value, while a 3-ounce pork chop sup­plies a quar­ter.

1.1mcg RI­BOFLAVIN (B2)

A cup of milk or yogurt will meet one-third of your needs, while 3 ounces of beef de­liv­ers a quar­ter of the daily value.

14mcg NIACIN (B3)

A cup of canned tuna has 100 per­cent of the daily value; the same amount of cooked mush­rooms pro­vides one-third. One small chicken breast de­liv­ers more than half of your daily need.



Beef liver con­tains 5.6mg in just 3 ounces, but if you’re not a fan, try ½ cup of mush­rooms (2.6mg), half an av­o­cado (1mg), or a cup of milk (0.9mg).


A cup of canned chick­peas pro­vides half of your B6 needs. A 3-ounce por­tion of tuna gets you nearly half, and a sim­i­larly sized chicken breast pro­vides a quar­ter.

30mcg BI­OTIN (B7)

One cooked egg has 10mcg; a 3-ounce pork chop or ham­burger has about 4mcg.

400mcg FO­LATE (B9)

A cup of cooked lentils con­tains 358mcg, 1 cup of as­para­gus has 268mcg, and a small spinach salad (2 cups raw) has 116mcg.

2.4mcg B12 (COBALAMIN)

A small help­ing of clams will pro­vide more than 1,000 per­cent of your need for B12. And a small burger patty will get you just north of 2mcg. B12 is found nat­u­rally only in an­i­mal prod­ucts, but vege­tar­i­ans can get 100 per­cent of their daily value from for­ti­fied break­fast ce­re­als.

75mg VI­TA­MIN C

Half a red bell pep­per or one kiwi ex­ceeds your daily needs.


A typ­i­cal serv­ing of salmon has about 400-600 IU. Milk is for­ti­fied with vi­ta­min D to pro­vide about 100 IU per cup.

15mg VI­TA­MIN E

A ta­ble­spoon of sun­flower oil sup­plies 5.9mg. Snack on 2 ta­ble­spoons al­monds to get nearly 5mg, or an av­o­cado for about 2.7mg.

90mcg VI­TA­MIN K

Kale is spelled with a “k” for good rea­son: A half cup chopped pro­vides more than 300 per­cent of the daily value. One cup of cooked Brus­sels sprouts or broc­coli gets you 220mcg.

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