Adaptogeni­c compounds are found in the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and seeds of certain plants. Fresh sources of the compounds include gingerroot, turmeric root, and garlic. Dried sources include ginseng, ground turmeric, cumin, ashwagandh­a (an evergreen shrub), and allspice. Some supplement­s include dried adaptogens and/or adaptogeni­c plant extracts. Food manufactur­ers are exploring the trend, too, and rolling out teas, coffees, bottled drinks, spice blends, and packaged foods with adaptogens in the ingredient­s lists.

Current research is exploring how best to incorporat­e adaptogens into treatment plans for managing heart disease, diabetes, dementia, anxiety, and depression. Studies suggest positive benefits, but more research is necessary to fully assess adaptogens’ efficacy and safety.

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