SAFELY spooky


Avoid costume mishaps, tummy trouble, and decoration hazards this Halloween with tips from our friends

at Daily Paws ( Costume Check!

Few things are cuter than a fur baby in a Halloween costume. But when you dress up a (willing) pup or cat, avoid

ensembles that constrict, restrict your pet’s movements, and/or have loose pieces your pet might chew on or swallow. Opt for Flameless Jack-O’-Lanterns

Use battery-operated candles instead of real flames. Clumsy dogs and curious cats run the risk of singed fur if they get too

close to a lit candle. Keep Pets Indoors

A black cat might sound like the perfect witch’s sidekick, but it’s often best to leave your pet at home on Halloween night.

Walking a stressed-out pet—or worse, chasing down a runaway—is no treat for

either one of you. Ditch the Glow Sticks

Keep glow-in-the-dark items

away from family pets. The chemicals inside glow sticks (and glowing jewelry)

can irritate pets’ mouths. Hide the Candy

Keep candy bags and bowls far out of reach of dogs and cats. And be sure kids know to keep their stashes away from pets. Chocolate and other human treats can be toxic to animals.

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