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Bam­boo Phar­macy For hol­i­day or ev­ery day, Stress Sup­port

is a calm­ing com­bi­na­tion of 8 herbs in­clud­ing peony, an­gel­ica, and ginger. This herbal blend helps the body nat­u­rally adapt to stress and anx­i­ety while boost­ing its re­sponse to mood changes.

// bam­boophar­macy.com Nerium Nerium’s new­est prod­uct, EHT Age-De­fy­ing Sup­ple­ment, boasts a mind en­hance­ment for­mula that helps pro­tect against men­tal de­cline as you age. EHT ex­tract, along with other vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, help strengthen the brain’s neu­ron con­nec­tions. // nerium.com

Es­ter-C You want your kids to be healthy, and your kids want healthy to taste good. Each packet has more than 400 per­cent of their daily value of vi­ta­min C, as well as vi­ta­mins B6 and B12, and comes in kid-friendly fla­vors like Groovy Grape. // amer­i­can­healthus.com

ZyCal Bio­ceu­ti­cals As we age, our bones and joints weaken. ZyCal’s Osti­nol pro­tein sup­ple­ment helps fight back by pro­mot­ing healthy bone tis­sue so cal­cium and other strength­en­ing min­er­als

can stick. // zy­cal­bio.com Atran­til This sup­ple­ment has 3 nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents that work to­gether to re­lieve di­ges­tion dis­com­fort. It’s not an an­tibi­otic or a probiotic, so you can start heal­ing your gut at once. // atran­til.com

Hy­land’s Are your kids still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hours af­ter bed­time? We rec­om­mend Hy­land’s Calm and Rest­ful tablets to lull your kids to sleep at a de­cent hour with­out mak­ing them groggy in the

morn­ing. // hy­lands.com

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