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The in­tro­duc­tion diet lasts 18 to 30 days (roughly 3 to 5 days per stage) and in­volves re­mov­ing all foods that might be gut ir­ri­tants, such as dairy, from your daily in­take. You then rein­tro­duce cer­tain foods slowly and look for ad­verse re­ac­tions—this can in­clude stom­ach pain, hand flap­ping, seizures, eczema, and the like. If you are al­ready com­fort­able in the kitchen and cur­rently eat a whole­food diet, start­ing with the in­tro­duc­tion diet may not be such an ad­just­ment for you. How­ever, if you tend to eat more pro­cessed foods, con­sider giv­ing your­self a lit­tle time on full GAPS first so that you can wean your­self off the sugar, salt, fillers, and sta­bi­liz­ers your body has come to crave.

Once you be­gin to feel fa­mil­iar and com­fort­able with the foods al­lowed dur­ing each stage of the GAPS in­tro­duc­tion diet, you may feel more ready to launch into the in­tro. The full GAPS diet is the main por­tion of the diet and should last at least two years for max­i­mum restora­tion of gut health.

There are many op­tions for fam­i­lyfriendly, nour­ish­ing recipes us­ing or­ganic, lo­cally sourced whole foods that fit into the GAPS diet. Try th­ese recipes from our book to get your heal­ing un­der way.

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