3 ways

To take your mus­cles to heaven

Alternative Medicine - - Health News & Tips - BY LIL­LIE ROSEN­THAL, DO

“Set­tling in for the win­ter” might have more truth to it than we care to ad­mit. We tend to be more seden­tary, caus­ing our mus­cles to be cold, stiff, and sore. But if your ac­tive life hasn’t dropped with the tem­per­a­ture, here are three ways to dial down your muscle pain this sea­son.

Diet Fixes: Eat more foods that can help ease muscle pain like In­dian foods which con­tain the su­per­power spice turmeric. If mag­ne­sium is de­pleted in the body, it can cause muscle aches and pains, so be sure to eat plenty of pump­kin seeds, flax seeds, black beans, cashews, al­monds, sun­flower seeds, co­coa pow­der, Swiss chard, and spinach. Stay­ing hy­drated is also im­por­tant. Re­lief Reme­dies: Ar­nica montana

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