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The new year is of­fi­cially un­der­way! Most of us bar­rel into Jan­uary with ev­ery in­ten­tion of achiev­ing the goals we es­tab­lished for the new year. But by mid-Fe­bru­ary, the drive to meet th­ese goals may stall, lead­ing us back to busi­ness as usual. This can have a great im­pact on our well-be­ing: two of the most pop­u­lar New Year’s res­o­lu­tions are to lose weight and to eat health­ier.

Each year, our ed­i­to­rial team gets count­less pitches pro­mot­ing the “best” ways to ac­com­plish th­ese com­mon goals. Here are a few of my fa­vorites: Add some sprouts into your diet. They are low in calo­ries and fat, but high in di­gestible pro­tein, as well as es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. By al­low­ing the seed or grain to sprout, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als our bodies typ­i­cally can’t ac­cess from the dried seed are ac­ti­vated and ab­sorbed by our bodies.

Bring fo­cus to your food in 2017. We’ve all heard of ‘mind­ful­ness,’ but did you know this con­cept can also be ap­plied to meal time? Dis­tracted eat­ing can lead to overeat­ing, but be­ing mind­ful of your food helps to man­age por­tion sizes while let­ting your senses and sati­ety cues guide your de­ci­sions. Try com­mit­ting to eat­ing dis­trac­tion­free meals. That means no screen time or desk-side lunches.

Don’t worry if you slip up and in­dulge in a slice of choco­late cream pie or week­end-long Net­flix marathon.

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