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In­stead of munch­ing on chips, try calm­ing your brain: med­i­ta­tion, yoga, tai chi, and breath­ing ex­er­cises can help when crav­ings strike. To curb the crav­ing to chew, chomp on car­rots, cel­ery, ap­ples or low-sodium, whole-grain crack­ers. Or try sooth­ing sup­ple­ments. Pas­sion­flower, le­mon balm, and chamomile are safe and ef­fec­tive herbs to re­lieve ten­sion; L-thea­nine or a B-vi­ta­min com­plex can curb anx­i­ety. Rarely, a salt crav­ing may in­di­cate a more se­ri­ous dis­ease, like Ad­di­son’s. If it runs in your fam­ily, or you have any symp­toms, check with your doc­tor.

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