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If you’re crav­ing carbs, skip the white-flour ver­sions; choose whole-grain, higher-fiber va­ri­eties and pair them with fat and pro­tein. If you strug­gle with sleep, try sup­ple­ments. Sublin­gual mela­tonin, most com­monly used for jet lag and ad­just­ing sleep cy­cles in peo­ple on night shifts, is great for oc­ca­sional in­som­nia. GABA, va­le­rian, and 5-HTP shorten the time to fall asleep and lessen night wak­ing. And flower essences, made by in­fus­ing spring wa­ter with var­i­ous flow­ers, and home­o­pathic com­bi­na­tion reme­dies are safe and gen­tle enough for con­tin­ued use.

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