Linda Evans The Dy­nasty icon shares the phi­los­o­phy that keeps her vi­brant and ac­tive at 74 .

Amazing Wellness - - CONTENTS - By Chris Mann

She made 40 fi t and fab­u­lous as the rags-to-riches Krys­tle Car­ring­ton on the ’80s TV hit Dy­nasty. But af­ter a re­cent bout with crip­pling back pain and de­pres­sion, ac­tress Linda Evans found a wealth of re­newed health by nour­ish­ing her mind, body, and soul. “Med­i­ta­tion is the best well­ness pill that ex­ists,” says the women’s em­pow­er­ment ad­vo­cate, 74. “Tak­ing time to cre­ate an in­ner sense of peace and well-be­ing is how I start each day. When I’m cen­tered, I face the day with clar­ity.”

Em­brac­ing the link be­tween sci­ence and spirit has helped Evans heal. “ere are so many stres­sors in life that ad­versely a ect our health,” she adds. “[ e Bi­ol­ogy of Be­lief au­thor] Bruce Lip­ton’s re­search on mind-body con­nec­tion—that our genes are a ected by our think­ing—changed my un­der­stand­ing of life. I’ve al­ways be­lieved this to be true. Well­ness is a state of mind as much as it is a con­di­tion in our bod­ies. When I seek heal­ing, I set an in­ten­tion to deepen the re­la­tion­ship be­tween my mind, body, and spirit.”

An ex­panded fo­cus on nu­tri­tion has also for­ti­fied Evans’ over­all health. “I look for dishes rich with nu­tri­tion that bol­sters the in­tegrity, re­silience, and op­ti­mal func­tion of ev­ery cell in my body.”

Bone broth “Ev­ery­one knows the world’s best source of nat­u­ral col­la­gen is bone broth. As we age, it’s so im­por­tant to sup­port our body’s longevity by pro­tect­ing joints and hav­ing healthy bone min­eral den­sity. It’s also so good for the gut and strength­ens our im­mune sys­tems. I drink chicken broth like a tea. I can feel the good it does for me.”

Col­loidal Sil­ver “When I need an­tivi­ral and an­tibac­te­rial sup­port, I reach for col­loidal sil­ver. It’s very ef­fec­tive at elim­i­nat­ing in­fec­tion with its im­mune-boost­ing ben­e­fits.”

B-Com­plex Vi­ta­mins “To main­tain my en­ergy lev­els, I take a full spec­trum of B vi­ta­mins—key nu­tri­ents in nerve health, op­ti­mal heart well­ness, and even healthy skin and hair.”

Mag­ne­sium “In the evenings, I take mag­ne­sium to sup­port re­lax­ation of my mind and mus­cles. It also has a nerve­calm­ing ef­fect that makes my sleep feel rest­ful and deep.”

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