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How mykind Organics Got Its Start

While I was preg­nant with my son, Bear, I em­barked on a quest for the clean­est pre­na­tal vitamin I could give my body. A vitamin that was aligned with the way I eat: or­ganic, non-gmo, free of funky pro­cessed junk, and com­pletely plant-based. Turns out this search was no sim­ple task! I learned that there re­ally wasn’t any­thing on the mar­ket that I would feel com­fort­able putting in my body as a nu­tri­tional safety net. I could find ve­gan-friendly op­tions, but they wouldn’t be whole food­based. Some vi­ta­mins claimed to be noth­ing but whole foods, but in re­al­ity in­cluded binders, fillers, and other syn­thet­ics. What?! That’s like say­ing your broc­coli is noth­ing but broc­coli and then sneak­ing in some hy­dro­genated soy­bean oil. Gross! Through­out this tire­some re­search to seek a pure and whole­some vitamin, my brain re­ally started to hurt! Why would I take some­thing meant to im­prove my health, when in ac­tu­al­ity it was far in­fe­rior to the qual­ity food I was eat­ing? I re­al­ized that if I wanted a truly great vitamin op­tion, I was go­ing to have to make it my­self. So I went on a search for the per­fect part­ner—the stars aligned with Gar­den of Life—and we co-founded mykind Organics. To­gether we cre­ated an en­tirely new kind of vitamin line that is Cer­ti­fied USDA Or­ganic, Non-GMO Project Ver­i­fied and free of syn­thetic binders and fillers. That’s right—made with whole foods and love!

Fi­nally–De­li­cious, Nu­tri­tious Gummies!

I have been over the moon about these vi­ta­mins. And I am thrilled now that we have added gummies to our line! Chew­ing some­thing de­li­cious is more fun—how could it not be? These gummies taste like fruit snacks—nine whole fruits in ev­ery bot­tle—and they're packed with ex­tra nu­tri­tional good­ness and zero added sugar! Most gummy vi­ta­mins have the equiv­a­lent of one tea­spoon full of sugar in each serv­ing. How crazy is that? From the get-go, we wanted to make these for chil­dren and any­one else who prefers chew­ing to swal­low­ing a cap­sule. But in or­der to make it, it took a lot of re­search since no other gummy on the mar­ket is made the way these are: with Cer­ti­fied Or­ganic, Non-GMO whole fruits and vegeta­bles, and we don't add sugar or gelatin. In search­ing for a clean, ve­gan, and fun kids mul­ti­vi­ta­min to give my son, Bear, I came across gummy vitamin brands that were made with some or­ganic stuff, but most snuck in pro­cessed sugar or ar­ti­fi­cial fla­vor­ings! Se­ri­ously, take a look; the top four kid-friendly gummy brands on the mar­ket all have sugar as a top in­gre­di­ent. I cringe at the thought of feed­ing Bear a vitamin that is the equiv­a­lent of one tea­spoon of ta­ble sugar. It was so im­por­tant to me that we cre­ate some­thing with zero pro­cessed sugar! So, un­like the other gummy prod­ucts out there, mykind Organics Gummies uses or­ganic ap­ple and or­ganic peach purée and juice to source the sweet­ness. On top of pro­cessed sug­ars, many top vitamin brands in­clude the in­gre­di­ent gelatin in their gummies. What’s the deal with gelatin? Gelatin is a taste­less gelling agent that's made from ground up an­i­mal skin and bones—pri­mar­ily the stuff that’s left over from the meat in­dus­try. Items like pork skins, horns, and cat­tle bones. Nasty! Con­sum­ing gelatin is like buy­ing a hot dog on a ran­dom city street corner—you re­ally have no idea what’s ac­tu­ally in it. For this rea­son, we sourced the first ever or­ganic pectin from or­ganic or­anges. It’s com­bined with ap­ple pectin to help bind the gummy. The or­anges used are ac­tu­ally re­claimed orange peels that might other­wise be com­posted. We worked with the com­pany Un­cle Matt’s ® Or­ganic to cre­ate an orange pow­der made from the rem­nants of their orange peels. This way, bind­ing the gummy is not only health­ier for you or your lit­tle one, but it’s also health­ier for the planet.

A Healthy Farm-to-Gummy Vitamin

I am so happy and grate­ful we can now pro­vide a healthy farmto-gummy vitamin for you! mykind Organics prides it­self in be­ing a true health cru­sader, ditch­ing the con­ven­tional vitamin gummy course by steer­ing clear of pro­cessed sug­ars and syrups, ar­ti­fi­cial col­ors and fla­vor­ings, an­i­mal prod­ucts, and GMOs. Our gummies have nine whole or­ganic fruits in each bot­tle in ad­di­tion to a blend of all kinds of healthy good­ness from kale to cau­li­flower, with it’s sweet­ness de­rived from the fruit it­self, and the or­ganic pectin made from ap­ples and or­ganic orange peels. It is Cer­ti­fied USDA Or­ganic, Non-GMO Ver­i­fied, Cer­ti­fied Ve­gan and Kosher. Wa­hoo!! We did it.

mykind Organics Gummies (Kids, Pre­na­tal, Women’s, Women’s 40+, Men’s and Men’s 40+) are now avail­able.

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