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The lastest re­search on hemp CBD oil; egg white myths; sup­ple­ments for men over 30, and more.

We’re more likely to overeat when foods are con­sid­ered snacks rather than meals, ac­cord­ing to a study of 80 peo­ple at the Univer­sity of Sur­rey in the UK, where ap­petite for candy was com­pared af­ter peo­ple ate pasta. Even though all pasta dishes were iden­ti­cal, some were la­beled as snacks, came in a plas­tic dish with a plas­tic fork, and were eaten while stand­ing, while oth­ers were la­beled as meals and were eaten off a ce­ramic plate with a real fork, sit­ting at a ta­ble. When of­fered candy af­ter­ward, those who had the snack ver­sion ate up to twice as much.

“Those who are con­sum­ing snacks are more likely to overeat as they may not re­al­ize or even re­mem­ber what they have eaten,” says lead study au­thor Jane Og­den, PhD. She rec­om­mends:

Eat food as a meal rather than a snack. Sit down when eat­ing. Pay at­ten­tion to the food in­stead of other ac­tiv­i­ties.

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