Mar­jolein Brug­man

QVC star, CEO, and fit­ness trail­blazer Mar­jolein Brug­man makes mind-body-spirit well­ness sim­ple and achiev­able on her healthy liv­ing web­site

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This QVC star, CEO, and fit­ness trail­blazer makes mind-bodys­pirit well­ness sim­ple and achiev­able.

In the mid-1990s, Mar­jolein Brug­man spun per­sonal ad­ver­sity (she was hit by a car while run­ning) into QVC gold af­ter devel­op­ing the first home Pi­lates ma­chine based on the re­former ex­er­cises that brought her back into alignment. She now makes to­tal well­ness at­tain­able on her tips- and recipes-filled web­site LighterLiv­

“Peo­ple think be­ing healthy is very dif­fi­cult—and I think it’s sim­ple,” Brug­man, 64, says. “So we broke the new web­site into eat/move/feel. They’re the three ar­eas you have to make health de­ci­sions. What do you eat? How do you stay happy? And what do you do to keep your heart and your body healthy?”

Re­cently, she added a diary sec­tion in which she blogs about her jour­ney in mak­ing art. “I be­lieve that we need to find some kind of cre­ative out­let,” she adds. And as with cre­ativ­ity, grace­ful ag­ing be­gins with a pos­i­tive vi­sion. Each morn­ing af­ter med­i­tat­ing, Brug­man walks into her bath­room with her eyes closed. “Be­fore I look into the mir­ror I say, ‘When I open my eyes I’m go­ing to see a re­ally beau­ti­ful wo­man.’ I think we tend to be so hy­per­crit­i­cal of our­selves. You’ll be amazed at just how dif­fer­ently you see your­self then.”

Brug­man main­tains her lighter liv­ing with the help of these nat­u­ral prod­ucts:

Pro­bi­otic blend

with pre­bi­otics “Eighty per­cent of your im­mune sys­tem is in your gut. So if you’re not eat­ing enough fer­mented foods like kom­bucha, and a good yo­gurt, it’s es­sen­tial to take a com­bi­na­tion pro­bi­otic.”


“An­tiox­i­dants pre­vent cell de­te­ri­o­ra­tion and ag­ing, and keep cells from get­ting can­cer and var­i­ous other dis­eases. DIM (Di-In­dole Meth­ane) is a good an­tiox­i­dant com­bi­na­tion: zinc and vitamins E and C.”


“I love Xyl­i­tol. It’s made from birch bark, has ab­so­lutely no calo­ries, and tastes ex­actly like sugar. Not only does it reg­u­late blood sugar, it’s good for your oral health. It sup­ports your teeth and feeds the good bac­te­ria in your mouth.”

Vega Sport Pre­work­out En­er­gizer

“I use this while re­hears­ing or plan­ning out new Moti­cise work­outs. It gives me a big boost, helps me fo­cus and stay en­er­gized through­out the work-

out. It has caf­feine in it, though, so I use it strate­gi­cally.”

Nat­u­ral Beauty Cleans­ing

Bar “It’s all-nat­u­ral and lemon. But the thing that is re­ally amaz­ing about it is that it reg­u­lates skin. It’s lovely on your face be­cause it doesn’t dry. I use it ev­ery­where, and I give bars to my friends.”

Vi­ta­min B Com­plex

“I’m a big Vi­ta­min B com­plex fan, so I usu­ally take 100 mg ev­ery day. It calms my ner­vous sys­tem and keeps me feel­ing alert.”

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