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If your pos­ture is poor, it prob­a­bly feels nor­mal, and you may not be able to spot what needs to be cor­rected. Get­ting an ob­jec­tive view will raise your aware­ness of your body po­si­tion. A fit­ness trainer can check it. Or, ask a friend to take a photo or video of your head-to-toe pro­file while you stand, re­laxed, arms at your sides, look­ing straight ahead. There should be a straight line from the cen­ter of your feet, up through your knees, hips, and shoul­ders, to a point just be­hind your lower ear, where you can feel the edge of your skull. Your feet should be point­ing straight ahead, with the weight evenly dis­trib­uted. Rhodes sug­gests en­vi­sion­ing each foot be­ing a tri­pod, with the three points be­ing the big toe, baby toe, and heel.

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