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Peo­ple reg­u­larly add pro­tein pow­der to their smooth­ies or other “cool” prepa­ra­tions, but they hes­i­tate to use pro­tein pow­ders in “hot” items. Why? The heat and pro­cess­ing can de­na­ture pro­tein, di­min­ish en­zyme con­tent, and more. Bone Broth Pro­tein is dif­fer­ent. Sure, it’s great for smooth­ies, but when “the heat is on” for Bone Broth Pro­tein, that’s when it shines, be­cause the heat and long cook­ing process are what cre­ate the nu­tri­tents and ben­e­fits of bone broth. That’s why Bone Broth Pro­tein is amaz­ingly ver­sa­tile and can be used for cold, warm, or even hot recipes—with­out al­ter­ing its nu­tri­tional value. Plus, it of­fers 20 grams of pro­tein per serving, is non-GMO, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free—so it’s suit­able for a va­ri­ety of di­ets.

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