The best­selling au­thor and healthy liv­ing ex­pert of­fers well­ness tips aplenty in her new book, Life is Long!

Amazing Wellness - - CONTENTS - By Chris Mann Chris Mann is a celebrity well­ness and fit­ness writer, nat­u­ral health brand sto­ry­teller, en­ter­tain­ment au­thor and jour­nal­ist, and dig­i­tal-con­tent pro­ducer (Wellsee­ing.TV).

Karen Sal­manhsohn The best-sell­ing au­thor and healthy liv­ing ex­pert of­fers well­ness tips aplenty in her new book, Life Is Long!

Hav­ing a baby at age 50 might sound ex­haust­ing, but it only fired up self-help au­thor Karen Sal­man­sohn. “I’ve al­ways taken good care of my health, but when you have ex­tra mo­ti­va­tion—like be­ing around for as long as pos­si­ble for your child—you kick it into high gear,” says the en­er­getic mom, 58. “My son means the world to me. So I said, ‘Ari, I’m gonna be 100 for you.’ He said, ‘Mom, live to 200.’ I bar­gained him down to 100, and he ac­cepted my coun­terof­fer,” she adds with a laugh.

The self-de­scribed “re­search geek” soon re­al­ized she had her next lifestyle tome. “I wanted to cre­ate a book that was com­pre­hen­sive but not com­pli­cated,” says the founder of the lifestyle web­site NotSal­mon.com. The re­sult: the fact- and fun­filled Life is Long! 50+ Ways to Help You Live a Lit­tle Bit Closer to For­ever (Ten Speed Press).

This in­spi­ra­tional guide has al­ready trans­formed Sal­man­sohn, who re­cently stopped eat­ing meat and pro­cessed food—and no longer craves sugar. “My whole mind­set has changed,” she says. “I try to mainly get nu­tri­ents from whole foods and spices, but I do take some sup­ple­ments.”

In ad­di­tion to a liq­uid vi­ta­min D3 with K2, Sal­man­sohn takes the fol­low­ing:

Turmeric Cur­cumin This com­bi­na­tion “is a po­tent anti-in­flam­ma­tory and ter­rific an­tiox­i­dant,” she says. “It’s rec­om­mended to have black pep­per with it, which con­tains piper­ine, which en­hances the ab­sorp­tion of cur­cumin by 2,000 per­cent. I also have turmeric tea at night. Plus, I love kom­bucha with turmeric in it—there’s one brand I have all the time.”

Oregano Oil Loaded with free rad­i­cal-fight­ing an­tiox­i­dants, oregano is also re­ported to help ward off bac­te­ria and viruses and boost oral health, Sal­man­sohn says. “You ap­ply it with your fin­ger to teeth and gums. Or put it in wa­ter and swoosh.”

CoQ10 This co-enzyme “is well-known for pro­tect­ing your heart, lungs, brain, im­mune sys­tem—nearly ev­ery body cell,” she says. “It ba­si­cally helps your mi­to­chon­dria burn fuel more ef­fi­ciently.”

Green Tea Ex­tract “This gives your body a quick, easy boost of an­tiox­i­dants, which re­duce ox­ida­tive stress by fight­ing cell dam­age caused by pesky free rad­i­cals. And the cat­e­chins in green tea ex­tract help re­duce blood pres­sure, im­prove blood fat lev­els, boost heart health, en­hance skin, power up me­mory—even help re­duce can­cer risk.”

B12 “I was told that be­cause I don’t con­sume meat and/or dairy that I should take a B12 sup­ple­ment.” This vi­ta­min, she adds, “plays an im­por­tant role in red blood cell for­ma­tion, good bone health, and good en­ergy lev­els—and has even been re­ported to help with the risk of age-re­lated mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion.”

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