Es­sen­tial oils can boost your well­ness from morn­ing to bed­time

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Aromatherapy Around the Clock Essen­tail oils can boost your well­ness from morn­ing to bed­time.

Aromatherapy afi­ciona­dos will tell you that in­cor­po­rat­ing es­sen­tial oils into daily liv­ing is an easy and en­joy­able way to boost your well­ness quo­tient.

Be­gin your morn­ings with a re­fresh­ing, caf­feine-free burst of en­ergy. Like your fa­vorite juice, cit­rus oils like TAN­GER­INE ( Cit­rus retic­u­lata) and LE­MON ( Cit­rus limon) of­fer a nat­u­ral wake-up call for your senses. Upon ris­ing, add a few drops to an aroma dif­fuser to com­bat fa­tigue and those Mon­day-morn­ing blues.

In ad­di­tion to their ther­a­peu­tic prop­er­ties, many es­sen­tial oils of­fer cos­metic ben­e­fits as well since they can quickly pen­e­trate the skin. Es­sen­tial oils pu­rify the outer der­mis, us­ing vi­tal an­tibac­te­rial com­po­nents to ward off air­borne germs and hearty an­tiox­i­dant el­e­ments to com­bat dam­ag­ing free rad­i­cals.

Af­ter cleans­ing, spritz your face with a hy­drosol — the byprod­uct of the steam dis­till­ing process that cap­tures es­sen­tial oils from plants. Hy­drosols of­fer the same prop­er­ties as their par­ent oils, but in far lower con­cen­tra­tions. Choose sweet ROSE GERA­NIUM ( Pe­largo­nium ro­seum) or brac­ing TEA TREE ( Me­laleuca al­terni­fo­lia) to treat com­bi­na­tion or oily skin; lightly flo­ral ROSE OTTO ( Rosa dam­a­s­cena) to bol­ster dry or ma­ture skin types; and woody SAN­DAL­WOOD ( San­talum al­bum) for post-shave skin­care. Or make your own skin tonic by mix­ing 6–8 drops of your fa­vorite skin-lov­ing es­sen­tial oil in 2 oz. dis­tilled wa­ter in a dark glass spray bot­tle. The bonus? The aro­mas are sooth­ing and can be ap­plied through­out the day when skin (or mood) needs a lit­tle lift.

In­stead of reach­ing for an­other cup of java mid­morn­ing to boost flag­ging en­ergy, take a whiff of cool­ing es­sen­tial oil of PEP­PER­MINT ( Men­tha piperita), whose in­vig­o­rat­ing men­thol scent will en­hance alert­ness and boost stamina. An­other op­tion is BERG­AMOT MINT ( Men­tha cit­rata) when you need to hit the pause but­ton dur­ing a too-busy day: As an adap­to­gen es­sen­tial oil, it is si­mul­ta­ne­ously calm­ing and up­lift­ing. The fra­grance is cit­rusy like Berg­amot, but with a slightly sweet hint of mint. Adap­to­gens of­fer both stim­u­lat­ing and re­lax­ing con­stituents that work to bal­ance the ner­vous sys­tem and are a restora­tive go-to dur­ing stress­ful times.

Stom­ach growl­ing? Try in­hal­ing GRAPE­FRUIT ( Cit­rus par­a­disi) es­sen­tial oil for one minute, which sci­en­tific stud­ies in­di­cate helps quell hunger. The tangy aroma pro­vides a quiet, steady en­ergy to hold you un­til you can sit down for a proper lunch. And along with the herbal fresh­ness of ROSE­MARY ( Ros­mar­i­nus of­fic­i­nalis) — known as a me­mory

en­hancer — grape­fruit is the per­fect ad­di­tion to an af­ter­noon pick-me-up blend.

It’s five o’clock, when an es­sen­tial oil one-two punch of clar­i­fy­ing EU­CA­LYP­TUS ( Eu­ca­lyp­tus glob­u­lus) and tart LE­MON­GRASS ( Cym­bo­pogon cit­ra­tus) is called for. A pre-ex­er­cise spritz of an en­ergy mist will help amp up your en­ergy level while sup­port­ing res­pi­ra­tory health for a late-day work­out. Or blend these com­pan­ion oils in a car­rier oil such as cal­en­dula, an ex­cel­lent choice to treat mus­cle spasms and swelling, and ap­ply post­work­out.

For a bliss­ful evening, choose from the calm­ing mem­bers of the spice fam­ily such as VANILLA ( Vanilla plan­i­fo­lia), CIN­NA­MON ( Cin­namo­mum zey­lan­icum), and GIN­GER ( Zin­giber of­fic­i­nale). These rich es­sen­tial oils are known for their warm­ing and aphro­disiac prop­er­ties that in­spire re­lax­ation. Blend these ground­ing oils with 2 to 3 ounces of a car­rier oil such as grape­seed or sweet al­mond to cre­ate a com­fort­ing blend for mois­tur­iz­ing skin or for mas­sage.

Ah, at last — lovely LAVEN­DER ( La­van­dula an­gus­ti­fo­lia), the most pop­u­lar, ef­fec­tive aro­matic for in­still­ing tran­quil­ity no mat­ter the time of day. I of­ten add laven­der to each of my blends sim­ply to pro­mote bal­ance — it’s that ver­sa­tile. The es­sen­tial oil’s seda­tive prop­er­ties, how­ever, make it the prime choice for bed­time. Whether you choose to sim­ply toss a few drops of laven­der on your pil­low­case or dif­fuse sev­eral drops in an aroma dif­fuser, the scent will lull you into a peace­ful state. Note: Although these blends con­tain a small per­cent­age of es­sen­tial oils, they may in­ter­act with some medicine. If you are preg­nant or on med­i­ca­tion, please check with your physi­cian be­fore us­ing es­sen­tial oils. Con­duct a skin patch test prior to use. And al­ways keep es­sen­tial oils out of reach of chil­dren and pets.

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