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Fast Mi­graine Relief

Akeso Mi­greLief-NOW Fev­er­few is a plant tra­di­tion­ally used for the treat­ment of fevers, mi­graine headaches, rheuma­toid arthri­tis, and other aches and pains. Pu­ra­col is a pro­pri­etary com­bi­na­tion of whole-leaf fev­er­few that con­tains a broad spec­trum of nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring chem­i­cals in ad­di­tion to partheno­lide and a unique blend of fev­er­few ex­tract. Clin­i­cal stud­ies have shown that the com­bi­na­tion of mag­ne­sium (cit­rate and ox­ide), Pu­ra­col fev­er­few, Cerevasc Gin­ger, and Aflapin Boswellia Ser­rata pro­vides fast-act­ing, drug-free di­etary sup­port for mi­graines. There are none of the side ef­fects as­so­ci­ated with chronic NSAID use, and it doesn’t cause re­bound or med­i­ca­tionoveruse headaches.

Roll-on Relief

Bo­iron Ar­ni­care Roll-On Ar­nica mon­tana is the Latin name for a peren­nial that grows tall with yel­low, daisy-like flow­ers. Ar­nica has be­come one of the most pop­u­lar home­o­pathic medicines in the world. Use ar­nica at the first sign of pain, stiff­ness, swelling from in­juries, bruis­ing, or af­ter surgery. The wa­ter-based gel cools on con­tact, and it’s ab­sorbed quickly by the skin, leav­ing no residue. The no-mess roll-on keeps hands clean, mak­ing this non-greasy gel con­ve­nient to ap­ply on the go. It doesn’t con­tain men­thol, cam­phor, methyl sal­i­cy­late, cap­saicin, fra­grances, dyes, or parabens.

Nat­u­ral Pain Relief

Terry Nat­u­rally Cu­raMed + Turmerones Turmeric is the plant that pro­vides cur­cumin, one of a fam­ily of com­pounds from the plant that is as­so­ci­ated with a va­ri­ety of health ben­e­fits. How­ever, a typ­i­cal turmeric rhi­zome (es­sen­tially, the plant’s root) con­tains only about 2 to 5 per­cent cur­cumin. That means that an un­stan­dard­ized, pow­dered turmeric sup­ple­ment would sup­ply very lit­tle of this valu­able com­pound. The BCM-95 cur­cumin in­cluded in this sup­ple­ment com­bines cur­cumin with turmeric es­sen­tial oil, im­prov­ing ab­sorp­tion. This blend makes an al­ready ef­fec­tive al­ter­na­tive to OTC pain re­liev­ers even bet­ter.

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