Flaky skin, fly­away hair, chapped lip, and dry, cracked hands: if you and your skin have had enough of win­ter, try th­ese 9 prod­ucts to ban­ish cold-weather woes

Amazing Wellness - - BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT - By Lisa Turner

1. Heal­ing face serums When dry heat and cold weather take their toll on skin, lo­tion’s not al­ways enough. Add a pow­er­ful serum to your skin-care reg­i­men; look for in­gre­di­ents like col­la­gen, DMAE, botan­i­cal stem cells, ce­ramides, and pep­tides to min­i­mize red­ness, lock in mois­ture, and pro­tect skin. Ap­ply it morn­ing and night, af­ter cleans­ing and ton­ing, and be­fore mois­tur­iz­ing. PROD­UCT PICKS: Re­viva Col­la­gen Serum, Derma E Vi­ta­min C Con­cen­trated Serum, An­dalou Nat­u­rals 1000 Roses Ab­so­lute Serum, Source Nat­u­rals DMAE Serum 2. Sooth­ing eye treat­ments Ul­tra-del­i­cate skin around the eyes is eas­ily dam­aged by harsh win­ter weather, and dry skin means fine lines and wrin­kles are more ob­vi­ous. Start by pat­ting on a serum de­signed es­pe­cially for eyes, and fol­low with a rich cream. Look for prod­ucts with col­la­gen, rose oil, hyaluronic acid, py­c­nogenol, green tea, and other an­tiox­i­dants to nour­ish skin, min­i­mize fine lines, and undo dam­age. PROD­UCT PICKS: Or­ganic Doc­tor Or­ganic Rose Otto Eye Serum, Re­viva Eye Com­plex Firm­ing Creme, An­dalou Nat­u­rals Lu­mi­nous Eye Serum, Mad Hip­pie Eye Cream With Pep­tides, Derma E Hy­drat­ing Eye Creme with Hyaluronic Acid and Py­c­nogenol 3. Gen­tle ex­fo­lia­tors Scrubs, masks, and peels for face and body re­move flaky skin, make cells more re­cep­tive to lo­tions, and boost cir­cu­la­tion—es­pe­cially im­por­tant in cold weather. Fruit en­zyme peels are great for oily or nor­mal skin; if skin is sen­si­tive, try an ex­fo­li­at­ing clay mask. Use a sugar scrub on your body; jo­joba bead scrubs are a gen­tler op­tion for your face. Al­ways mois­tur­ize af­ter ex­fo­li­at­ing to re­plen­ish skin’s nat­u­ral oils, and don’t overdo it—once a week is plenty, less if skin is sen­si­tive.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Jef­frey James The Ex­fo­liant Ra­di­ant Com­plex­ion Scrub, Re­viva Light Skin Peel Mild Ex­fo­liant, An­dalou Nat­u­rals 1000 Roses Pearl Ex­fo­lia­tor, An­cient Earth Se­crets Ac­ti­vated Co­conut Char­coal Mask Nu­bian Her­itage Hand and Body Scrub

4. Deeply hy­drat­ing body lo­tions You add ex­tra lay­ers of clothes for win­ter—and your skin needs ex­tra lay­ers, too, to pro­tect against freez­ing tem­per­a­tures and dry win­ter air. Look for lux­u­ri­ous lo­tions and creams made with co­conut oil, shea but­ter, and co­coa but­ter and in­fused with botan­i­cals and an­tiox­i­dants to hy­drate and nour­ish. Slather on af­ter bath or shower, when skin is still damp, to lock in mois­ture.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Alaf­fia Su­per Hy­drat­ing Co­conut Body Lo­tion, Alba Botan­ica Kukui Nut Body Cream, Nu­bian Her­itage Raw In­fused Shea But­ter, Thera Neem Leaf and Oil Cream 5. Smooth­ing hair treat­ments Just like skin, hair gets dry and dam­aged from win­ter cold and in­door heat; plus, there’s the prob­lem of frizzies. Start with a mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo and con­di­tioner; leave-in con­di­tion­ers do dou­ble-duty, nour­ish­ing hair and tam­ing un­ruly locks. Once a week, treat your hair to a mask, to pre­vent break­age and re­store soft­ness.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Jane Carter So­lu­tion Re­vi­tal­iz­ing Leave-in Con­di­tioner, Aubrey Or­gan­ics Sham­poo Mois­ture In­ten­sive, Okay Pure Nat­u­ral Deep Mois­tur­iz­ing Co­conut Con­di­tioner, Shea Mois­ture Ja­maican Black Cas­tor Oil Leave-in Con­di­tioner, Gio­vanni Hair Care 2chic Av­o­cado and Olive Oil 6. Ul­tra-emol­lient lip balms Cold and wind take their toll on del­i­cate lip skin, and lick­ing your lips (be­cause they’re so dry) makes mat­ters worse: the en­zymes in saliva that di­gest food fur­ther ir­ri­tate and dry. Choose balms and sticks made with can­delilla wax, beeswax, olive oil, co­conut oil, or co­coa but­ter. If lips are cracked, soothe them with a cal­en­dula or vi­ta­min E oint­ment. For ex­tra pro­tec­tion, pick a for­mula with built-in SPF—es­pe­cially if you’re a win­ter sports en­thu­si­ast.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Bad­ger Vanilla Bean Co­coa But­ter Lip Balm, Can­non Balm 140 Tac­ti­cal Lip Pro­tec­tant, Dr. Bron­ner Or­ganic Lip Balm, Re­viva Vi­ta­min E Stick, Bo­iron Cal­en­dula Oint­ment 7. Hy­drat­ing cu­ti­cle care Cold weather makes nails weak and brit­tle, and dry cu­ti­cles can mean per­va­sive (and painful) hang­nails. Be­fore bed, use a cu­ti­cle treat­ment with jo­joba, aloe, or shea but­ter, to soften dry cu­ti­cles and nour­ish nails. And never go bare: a coat of clear pol­ish pro­tects nails from wa­ter, and pre­vents break­ing and peel­ing. PROD­UCT PICKS:

Bad­ger Cu­ti­cle Care Min­eral with Wild Fu­sion African Cu­ti­cle Shea Treat­ment, But­ter, Min­eral Fu­sion Clear Base Coat Pol­ish, Or­ganic Doc­tor Olive Oil Hand and Nail Cream, Me­gaFoods Skin, Hair and Nails 8. Pen­e­trat­ing hand creams Win­ter can leave hands rough, dry, and vul­ner­a­ble to cracks and bleed­ing. Skip the lo­tion and go straight to rich creams made with mango but­ter, hemp oil, com­frey root, and other plant ex­tracts that add a bar­rier of pro­tec­tion while pen­e­trat­ing skin. Add a scrub de­signed for hands to keep them silky. If fingers crack, look for a heal­ing balm de­signed to re­pair, with lano­lin or cal­en­dula.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Duke Can­non Bloody Knuck­les Hand Re­pair Balm, Nu­bian Her­itage In­dian Hemp and Ve­tiver Hand Cream, Alaf­fia Co­conut and Vanilla Hand Cream, Out Of Africa Olive Hand Cream, Nu­bian Her­itage Hand and Body Scrub, Bo­iron Cal­en­dula Oint­ment 9. Su­per-rich foot creams Cold weather, tight socks, and be­ing cooped up in boots can lead to cracked heels, itchy skin, and fun­gal in­fec­tions. Fix your feet, with a su­per-emol­lient cream that soft­ens and smooths; slather on be­fore bed and cover with light­weight cot­ton socks. Use a scrub de­signed for feet to re­move dead skin and keep feet fresh. If you’re plagued by foot fun­gus, treat it with salves or creams boosted with an­ti­fun­gal herbs like neem, oregano, and tea tree.

PROD­UCT PICKS: Quan­tum Ath­letes Foot , Or­ganic Doc­tor Olive Oil Foot and Heel Cream, Weleda Skin Food, Purem­edy Fun­gus Free For­mula

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