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The hol­i­days have come and gone, but the stress that comes with them is still around. Stress can make you sick—when you’re un­der stress your body pro­duces adren­a­line, cor­ti­sol, and other stress hor­mones that can im­pair the abil­ity to fight off dis­ease. Fol­low th­ese stress-re­liev­ing tips to help you go from OMG to Om in min­utes. GET MOV­ING: Re­lease feel-good chem­i­cals in your body with a quick walk around the block, or walk up a few flights of stairs. Even sim­ple stretches like head rolls and shoul­der shrugs will help re­lax your body. BREATHE: Deep breath­ing coun­ters stress by slow­ing your heart rate and low­er­ing blood pres­sure. Sit up­right, close your eyes and slowly in­hale through your nose, feel­ing your breath start in your belly and work its way to the top of your head. Re­verse and ex­hale through your mouth. CRANK UP THE TUNES: Re­search shows that lis­ten­ing to sooth­ing mu­sic can lower blood pres­sure, slow your heart rate, and de­crease anx­i­ety. If lis­ten­ing to chill tunes isn’t your thing, blow off steam by rock­ing out to more up­beat tunes — and sing at the top of your lungs!

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