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Con­nect­ing to one’s spir­i­tual side—or, as some call it, the spir­i­tual mind—can also bring last­ing hap­pi­ness, says Yvonne Ryba, a li­censed Sci­ence of Mind prac­ti­tioner and leader at the Cen­ter for Spir­i­tual Liv­ing in Clear Lake, Texas. Ryba’s teach­ings and prac­tices, based on late re­li­gious and meta­phys­i­cal scholar Ernest Holmes’ spir­i­tual philoso­phies, pro­mote the heal­ing power of pos­i­tive think­ing.

“Our mantra is ‘Change your think­ing, change your life.’ Quan­tum physics ex­plains this, that we are pow­er­ful in our minds, greater than just what we think of as the brain,” she says. “The law of the uni­verse—also called the law of at­trac­tion—is that what you think and fo­cus upon, you will cre­ate,” so send­ing out lov­ing and happy thoughts in turn brings the same en­er­gies, ex­pe­ri­ences, and peo­ple to you, she adds. Re­search sug­gests that pos­i­tive think­ing can help re­duce stress, lower

de­pres­sion, boost psy­cho­log­i­cal and phys­i­cal well-be­ing, and even in­crease life span.

Stud­ies show that prayer also has pos­i­tive health ben­e­fits, in­clud­ing boost­ing men­tal health, ac­ti­vat­ing “dis­ease­fight­ing” genes, and en­hanc­ing re­la­tion­ships. Ryba prac­tices an af­fir­ma­tive form of prayer called spir­i­tual mind treat­ment in which she speaks what she is declar­ing for her­self or oth­ers. “Pray know­ing that as you speak, you be­lieve that, so it is. What­ever it is we want—health, heal­ing af­ter a surgery, hap­pi­ness, a new job with great ben­e­fits— we can ask for it. You put it in the present tense, be­cause it is al­ways man­i­fest­ing.”

Ryba, who also works as a spir­i­tual life coach, says such prac­tices are the first steps in tak­ing ac­tion to grow joy in your life. “Hap­pi­ness comes from within,” she adds. “You have to root out the neg­a­tive things that are pre­vent­ing you from be­ing happy. And you have to take care of your­self first so you can help oth­ers. From this in­ner place of well-be­ing, you will find other peo­ple at­tracted to you with whom you can share hap­pi­ness. Just know that you are cre­ated to ful­fill your po­ten­tial and learn and love and grow and give and be up­lifted and be happy.”

“Our mantra is, ‘Change your think­ing, change your life.’ The law of the uni­verse is that what you think and fo­cus upon, you will cre­ate.”

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