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In­no­va­tion is one of the key hall­marks of the artists rep­re­sented by RJD Gallery, with their fig­ures, in­te­rior scenes and more break­ing tra­di­tional tech­niques and im­agery. A new group show, ti­tled On the Edge Of... that opens July 21, will high­light these el­e­ments in the art­work of Frank Oriti, Jac­kee San­de­lands-Strom, Jesse Lane, Pamela Wil­son and Rick Gar­land.

Gallery owner Richard De­mato elab­o­rates, “This group of artists con­tin­u­ally thinks out­side of the ‘frame’ to painstak­ingly search their souls for what their brushes must re­veal to set them free. We’re proud to share their art­works, and hope they touch and push you to the edges of your own imag­i­na­tion and find a place in your heart.” Two of the artists in the show, Oriti and San­de­land­sStrom, of­ten paint peo­ple they have en­coun­tered in their daily lives. The works show as­pects of their mod­els’ be­ings—the phys­i­cal­ity and the in­ter­nal self.

Oriti, who is known for his paint­ings of blue col­lar work­ers, of­ten de­picts peo­ple he knows and finds in­spi­ra­tion from, such as in With or With­out II. “I have painted these brothers many times over the years; this piece is a bit of an up­date from a por­trait I painted in 2011,” Oriti shares. “While posed very sim­i­larly as in the last paint­ing, here we are able to see a phys­i­cal and emo­tional evo­lu­tion of two hard­work­ing and re­silient brothers.”

Hands are of­ten the fo­cal point of San­de­lands-Strom’s paint­ings, show­cas­ing the life that is found within each per­son through their age, jew­elry, tat­toos and more. “I am very in­volved in the tat­too in­dus­try and love when I can high­light a woman artist in my paint­ings. Jessi hap­pens to be a tat­too artist in the U.K., and this was just a ca­sual mo­ment when the dec­o­ra­tion of her skin met with the adorn­ment of her jew­elry and the raw­ness of smok­ing a cig­a­rette,” says the artist of the in­spi­ra­tion for her aptly ti­tled work Jessi. “For me it cap­tures real life as I know it.”

Fre­quently por­trayed in the works of Lane and Wil­son are their own emo­tions or in­ner thoughts through mod­els or nar­ra­tive scenes. The im­ages are re­lat­able and can trans­late to var­i­ous out­puts to the view­ers.

Lane’s col­ored pen­cil draw­ing Hyp­no­sis was in­spired by the idea of ob­ses­sion. He says, “Some­times I find my­self fix­at­ing on cer­tain things for long pe­ri­ods of time. It’s haunt­ing in a way. Peo­ple with mi­nor roles in my life in re­al­ity can be­gin to dom­i­nate my think­ing. I think we all have some­thing that has hyp­no­tized us. While it’s in­signif­i­cant to many, it’s a space we some­times visit.”

Sever Me is a per­sonal paint­ing for Wil­son, as it is a “di­rect re­sponse to navi-

gat­ing large, fright­en­ing and sud­den changes in my life,” she says. “Three trau­mas oc­curred in se­quence: an emo­tional breakup, an ac­ci­dent re­quir­ing surgery and my fa­ther’s death. I felt weak and torn. I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of my­self. I ques­tioned whether to ‘right the ship’ and go back to what I know or to call the chaos my new home.”

Gar­land’s in­te­rior paint­ings are of­ten of aban­doned or for­got­ten build­ings, but yet they show the life and his­tory of what was once there. In his paint­ing The Old Chair, a red up­hol­stered chair oc­cu­pies one cor­ner of the graf­fiti cov­ered build­ing while through the arch­way is a brightly lit, but run­down stair­case. “The old chair stands res­o­lute and re­moved, ob­serv­ing the on­go­ing changes hap­pen­ing around it,” Gar­land says. “There’s an el­e­ment of wait­ing and calm con­tent­ment. I like the stoic re­fusal of the fab­ric of this place to yield to the sur­face changes. The glam­our and style seem un­af­fected by any­thing thrown at it.”

On the Edge Of… will be on view in the Bridge­hamp­ton, New York, gallery through Au­gust 12, with some of the works also dis­played dur­ing Mar­ket Art + De­sign from July 5 to 8 at the Bridge­hamp­ton Museum.

RJD Gallery 2385 Main Street • Bridge­hamp­ton, NY 11932 (631) 725-1161 • www.rjdgallery.com


Jac­kee San­de­lands-Strom,


acrylic on wood panel, 20 x 23¾"


Frank Oriti,

With or With­out II,

oil on can­vas, 48 x 48"

3 Pamela Wil­son, Sever Me, oil and 24k gold leaf on

birch panel, 36 x 24"

4 Frank Oriti, Red, oil on can­vas, 10 x 8"

5 Jesse Lane, Hyp­no­sis, col­ored pen­cil on Bris­tol

board, 13 x 20"

6 Rick Gar­land, The Old Chair, acrylic on

can­vas, 28 x 36"

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