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Carin Ger­ard is fas­ci­nated by the forms she sees in the nat­u­ral world. Her large-scale paint­ings are an at­tempt to cap­ture the in­tri­cate forms and or­ganic shapes she finds in but­ter­flies and gar­de­nias, and by paint­ing them over­sized she is able to delve deep into the mys­tery of these im­ages.

“My new ex­hi­bi­tion, Re­s­plen­dence, sym­bol­i­cally and har­mo­niously links sculp­tural gar­de­nias, ma­jes­tic but­ter­flies and ethe­real skyscapes to graph­i­cally—al­most mag­i­cally—bring them to life,” she says. “From the Latin word re­splen­dere, mean­ing grandeur and bril­liance, this col­lec­tion re­veals the con­tin­u­ally grow­ing splen­dor of the nat­u­ral world.”

Paint­ing larger than life, Ger­ard walks back and forth, shift­ing her view from up close where she sees the in­tri­ca­cies of the nat­u­ral form to afar where she can take in the mon­u­men­tal­ity of the work. Some of the pieces in this ex­hi­bi­tion are as large as 6 by 7 feet. Like Sar­gent be­fore her, do­ing this keeps the paint­ing in per­spec­tive and al­lows her to jux­ta­pose the painterly feel when close with the more re­al­is­tic feel when far away.

“I have a large easel so it helps me to step back and take it all in,” says Ger­ard. “Up close the work tends to fall apart and be­come more im­pres­sion­is­tic, so I’m al­ways walk­ing back to see it all come to­gether. This new ex­hi­bi­tion in­cludes both gar­de­nias and but­ter­flies, and I en­joy them both be­cause I want to cap­ture that mo­ment in time when they are alive. That essence.” Ger­ard loves cap­tur­ing that mo­ment in time, be­tween tran­si­tion and trans­for­ma­tion, when the nat­u­ral el­e­ments of the ob­jects seem to be stilled.

“The mag­nif­i­cence of these sub­jects im­parts feel­ings of prom­ise and po­ten­tial,” says Ger­ard. “Each can­vas cap­tures a fleet­ing mo­ment in time, re­in­forc­ing our aware­ness that beauty is a con­tin­uum. I pur­pose­fully look for the in­tri­ca­cies of evo­lu­tion that touch the hu­man ex­pe­ri­ence and feel a pro­found sense of in­ti­macy in the act of putting brush to can­vas—tak­ing or­di­nary ob­jects and rein­ter­pret­ing them in a way that sparks the imag­i­na­tion.”

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11Gar­de­nia Swirl,oil, 72 x 84"

3Carin Ger­ard in her stu­dio.4Star Gar­de­nia, oil, 60 x 60"3

2Close­ness, oil, 60 x 60"2

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