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Hy­brid Art

Aileen Frick has de­cided to look in­ward for her new solo ex­hi­bi­tion at the FOUND:RE in down­town Phoenix. And while look­ing in­ward she has dis­cov­ered the light that shines within as well.

“Go­ing through my last few shows, the themes were man plus na­ture which was peo­ple in­ter­act­ing with the en­vi­ron­ment in a pos­i­tive way; man plus man, peo­ple lov­ing the space they are in and in­ter­act­ing with one an­other; and now for this show it’s man plus self,” says Frick. “For me, this means mov­ing past my own ob­sta­cles, mov­ing into a dif­fer­ent sec­tion. And I’m show­ing this through the in­ter­play with light. Ev­ery­one is white and made of light. They are show­ing their own light, metaphor­i­cally.”

Frick sees this light as a sym­bol of some­one con­nect­ing to their high­est self. And she de­picts it in these paint­ings by lit­er­ally let­ting the light show though. Her can­vases, which are all cre­ated with pieces of torn mag­a­zines and paint, are an ex­act neg­a­tive of her orig­i­nal im­ages. The darks show as lights and the lights as darks.

“It’s peo­ple in their en­vi­ron­ments deal­ing with trans­for­ma­tive mo­ments,” says Frick. “And with the col­ors, I’ve

in­verted them ex­actly so black is white, white is black, green is red, red is green and pur­ple is yel­low. That’s what I like about them. It’s the idea of the outer you, the in­ner you and ev­ery­thing be­hind that.”

Frick works in an in­tu­itive way that is guided by the con­nec­tions that come out in­trin­si­cally through her la­bo­ri­ous process.

“It’s a spon­ta­neous process,” says Frick. “But things come out that seem ran­dom but end up mak­ing sense. In one piece, the let­ters SAM showed up in the col­lage. And I in­cluded it in the im­age. And then I re­al­ized the im­age is the in­side of the Seat­tle Art Mu­seum. Things like that hap­pen all the time. That’s why these are so in­tu­itive. They are star­ing at me, talk­ing to me, the whole time.”

FOUND:RE 1100 N. Cen­tral Av­enue • Phoenix, AZ 85003 • (602) 875-8000 • www.foundreho­tels.com

1Play­ful Ap­proach, mixed me­dia col­lage, 30 x 24"2Shift, mixed me­dia col­lage, 40 x 30"3New You, mixed me­dia col­lage, 36 x 24"4End­less Pos­si­bil­i­ties, mixed me­dia col­lage, 48 x 30"

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