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Power of Three


The artwork of contempora­ry abstract artist Henry Asencio will be on view at Savina in San Diego, California, for a special one-day exhibition on March 28 from 6 to 9 p.m. Titled Trinity, the exclusive event showcases new original works by Asencio arranged in sets of three. Guests can also enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres as part of the evening’s festivitie­s

Part of the allure of the upcoming show is the exploratio­n of the various painting techniques the artist has honed over the years. Asencio primarily paints the human figure; his distinctiv­e style features sweeping colors and loose brushwork that create a highly textured aesthetic.

“These paintings focus on the essence of the mood through a combinatio­n of abstractio­n and realism in a timeless setting. My goal is to strip away anything that distracts from universali­ty or spirit of the painting,” says Asencio. “One of the defining characteri­stics of my art is that its sensuality often attracts the viewer’s

attention, but it’s the abstractio­n that sustains the viewer’s interest for years to come.”

The paint feels almost three-dimensiona­l in Harmony II, in which a woman poses with her back to the viewer. The muscle forms in her body are enhanced by the energetic brushstrok­es of vivid blues and purples that surround her. In Eternal Beauty, the hourglass figure of a woman in a deep blue evening dress is punctuated by a stark background of scarlet.

“I fell in love with the dynamism of Henry Asencio’s art with the very first glance,” says Carl S., a collector of the artist’s work. “The colors were so vivid and the images always left me creating in my mind so many different finishings.”

“My passion comes from a deep appreciati­on for nature, emotion or the figure. It is a privilege to have the freedom to paint the way that I feel and to share my art around the world,” says the artist. “It is really difficult to overstate my gratitude for painting what I want and expressing it true to the way I feel it.”

Savina 1388 Kettner Boulevard • San Diego, CA 92101 www.asenciostu­

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Harmony II, oil on board, 30 x 40"
3 Harmony II, oil on board, 30 x 40"
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Henry Asencio in his studio.
4 Henry Asencio in his studio.

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