American Farmhouse Style


3 design elements to give your modern farmhouse an industrial edge.


1. CLEAN LINES. Designing a farmhouse with clean, sharp lines creates a striking silhouette. Farmhouse gables are perfect for playing up angular designs. A steeply pitched gable against a flat metal roof makes for dynamic contrast. Look for where you can draw attention to those lines with color contrasts. For example, black window casings are a geometrica­lly pleasing pop against white exteriors.

2. EXTRA SPACE. One of the biggest perks of industrial farmhouse style is space. High ceilings and open floor plans create a convenient flow from room to room. The expansiven­ess doesn’t have to feel like a cold warehouse either—with hardwood floors and board-and-batten walls, the design never strays too far from the classic farmhouse.

3. MODERN MATERIALS. Metal, exposed brick, reclaimed wood and exposed pipes are all classic elements for industrial farmhouse style. Install a stainless steel hood in the kitchen or a copper faucet in the bathroom to help your contempora­ry farmhouse feel industrial.

 ?? For more on industrial farmhouse style, visit AmericanFa­rmhouseSty­! ??
For more on industrial farmhouse style, visit AmericanFa­rmhouseSty­!
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