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3 Popular Picks FOR WINDOWS


When shopping for new windows for your home, there are several material types to choose from. Kathryn Nash, Marketing & Advertisin­g Coordinato­r for Pella Windows of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, explains the key difference­s for the most common types.

• VINYL. This is a standard, budget-friendly option that offers energy savings and bang for your buck. “It’s a very energy-efficient material, very low maintenanc­e,” Kathryn says. “They’re welded, framed and fashioned together to be strong, durable and energy efficient.”

• FIBERGLASS. “Fiberglass combines energy efficiency with extreme durability,” says Kathryn. “They’re scratch resistant, and they have the lowest expansion and contractio­n rate, so it’s going to protect your home against extreme heat and cold.” An excellent choice for locations with extreme temperatur­e changes, fiberglass is the strongest window material on the market and is also low maintenanc­e. “You can set it and forget it,” Kathryn says.

• WOOD. A top-tier choice, wood windows can add a luxurious, rustic feel. “Wood creates more of a natural look and can be painted or stained,” Kathryn says. “In terms of thermal performanc­e, it’s energy efficient as well.” While wood windows are highly customizab­le, they do require occasional touch-ups. Our Project House has wood windows from Pella Windows.

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