American Farmhouse Style

7 Ideas TO TRY


1. Purchase a cabinet, entertainm­ent center or stand specifical­ly made for TVs. They provide proper ventilatio­n for electronic­s, predrilled holes for cords and an organized and stylish aesthetic. Some even include an electric fireplace feature.

2. Hang your TV on the wall as part of a gallery arrangemen­t. Add art, lighting, mirrors, floating shelves with plants and accessorie­s to soften its appearance.

3. For a simple and inexpensiv­e option, place a room divider or screen in front of the TV when it’s not in use. Easy to move to other rooms, it can serve several purposes in your home.

4. Hide your TV in the footboard of your bed. Specialty bedframes are available that are as practical as they are pretty.

5. Invest in a TV mirror. With elegant frames and many sizes available, you’ll never worry about that “black blob” again. When not in use as a TV, it’s a mirror; turn it on and it’s a regular TV.

6. Super simple and changeable at any moment, why not try a piece of art or even a poster to hide your TV? A frame that hangs from the top of your TV frame can display a fun poster or a vintage map, covering the screen when it’s not in use.

7. Mount your TV onto the fireplace surround. Painting the brick black makes for a bold statement and also makes the TV less obvious.

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