American Farmhouse Style


Flowers reveal a lot about the space they decorate.


SUNFLOWERS in old cowboy boots on the front porch welcome visitors into a bright, cheerful farmhouse, where the shutters are always open and any chip in the furniture’s white paint just adds a little character.

EUCALYPTUS in a clay vase is a simple and natural touch that can be found on the steel bookshelf of a modern farmhouse, where the dark green leaves add depth to a cooltoned design palette and minimalist décor.

WILDFLOWER­S in a ceramic pitcher passed down from Grandma sit at the center of a worn kitchen table in a classic farmhouse, where lace curtains blow in the breeze and an old chore jacket hangs on a coatrack.

PEONIES in a glossy white vase adorn the entry table of a romantic farmhouse. Their crisp, sweet aroma greets all who step through the front door into the soft glowing light of candles and antique sconces.

(opposite) The symmetry in the home (two sconces flanking a mirror and two built-in shelves flanking the sconces) ensures the design feels thoughtful and intentiona­l while also bringing the eye to the focal point of the room, the fireplace. Leslie wanted an elegant mantel but did not want to break the bank, so she opted for trim made of wood, assembled by her brother-in-law.

(left) Not all of us are born with green thumbs, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to incorporat­e flowers and trees into our decor. Leslie uses artificial plants and flowers, like her faux olive tree, to bring some natural earthy tones into the space without having to worry about keeping anything alive or maintained.

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