American Farmhouse Style


Bring a little glamour into your country home.


1. FLOWER ARRANGEMEN­TS. Nothing says “romance” better than flowers. Putting together an arrangemen­t yourself is a fun DIY project that will also save you money. Arrange roses, lavender and baby’s breath for a sweet yet simple bouquet.

2. CANDLES. Candles are a simple way to immediatel­y change the ambience of a room. Flea markets, vintage stores and estate sales are all great places to shop for candlestic­k holders. Pick the type of finish you want (silver, brass, gold, etc.), and then play around with mixing different shapes and sizes.

3. SOFT TEXTURES. Romantic homes do not have to be uncomforta­ble. If you have a practical cotton or linen couch, you can throw a knitted throw over it to immediatel­y make it cozier, or add plush pillows to hard wooden chairs.

4. ART. If you are looking at a part of your house and thinking it is missing something, nine times out of 10 that “something” is art. You can’t go wrong with a dreamy landscape painting of a meadow or a still life of flowers. Put it in a gilded frame for a little extra shine.

5. METALLIC FINISHES. If the idea of gutting and renovating your kitchen or bathroom is a task that seems a little too daunting now, start with easy changes, like switching out handles and knobs with shiny upgrades. Gold or rose gold will do wonders as far as making a room look more elegant.

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