American Farmhouse Style

New Year, New P lans

- Victoria Van Vlear — Editor

DO YOU MAKE RESOLUTION­S FOR THE NEW YEAR? I’m the kind of person who thrives off to do lists (and crossing items off my to do lists). So I usually make 3-5 big goals for the year, often with ways I want to grow personally.

Now is the time to do that for your house. Dream big and set some concrete goals for how you’re going to move your house one step closer to that farmhouse look you love. What home improvemen­t projects have you always wanted to do? What bugs you about the layout or function of your home? What areas always get cluttered?

Write them down. I’ll wait!

Great. Now sit down and get some inspiratio­n from this issue of American FarmhouseS­tyle. Check out page 30 for a style guide on different variations of the farmhouse look, then see them in action through houses with modern farmhouse style (pages 38 and 92), European farmhouse style (page 102) and vintage style (page 46). Get started working on home improvemen­t DIYs (pages 12 and 16), and maximizing the organizati­on in your home (pages 26 and 118).

And if you’ve been following along with us this last year for the renovation of our Tennessee Project House, see the full reveal on page 46. It’s a beauty!

Enjoy this start of a new year and all the opportunit­ies to plan, organize and dream. Good luck on your next home project! Cheers,

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