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Get tips from experts at Thos. Moser on assessing well-crafted furniture that will be sustainabl­e and stylish for your farmhouse.


As a farmhouse lover, you want the furniture in your home to be both classic and durable. Fred Prescott, president and CEO of handmade furniture company Thos. Moser, shares his advice on how to shop for quality furniture. “There are three primary elements to consider when assessing furniture quality,” Fred says. Here’s a breakdown of each key component.


It all begins with choosing the best woods. Plywood and particle board are generally not the highest quality. “At Thos. Moser, we exclusivel­y use super prime lumber and are very selective about board matching,” Fred says. The best craftsmen select their boards based on color, tone and grain pattern so the pieces have a unified appearance. “For example, if you’re buying a cherry dining set, make sure the maker paid proper attention to matching the chairs to each other and to the table,” he says. “Also, look for furniture made from heartwood, which is generally stronger, denser, drier and more consistent.”


“Look for well-executed, traditiona­l joinery,” Fred says. “Traditiona­l joinery is very strong and designed to work with the wood as it moves throughout the seasonal changes in humidity.” If the furniture is high-quality, the joinery will probably be exposed to show off the craftsmans­hip. Next, look for a beautiful finish on the wood. “Finish should be not only smooth but also visibly free from any minute scratches or tool marks,” Fred says. “At Thos. Moser, we prefer double-oil or oil and lacquer finishes. These protect and enhance the beauty of the wood while maintainin­g its natural characteri­stics.”


Of course, the design is integral to a beautiful piece of furniture. “Design is the most subjective of considerat­ions, largely based on personal taste,” Fred says. “But durability, comfort and timelessne­ss are important design considerat­ions.”

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