American Farmhouse Style


Get tips and tricks from Cherokee Brick on how to choose the proper brick and mortar colors for your home.


BRICK BY BRICK. The first step is choosing the brick color. “In the past, brick was limited mostly to red, orange and black,” says Sonja Tillman, director of marketing at Cherokee Brick. The company has been making brick since 1877, so they would know. Your color options are much wider now. “Cherokee Brick makes over 150 different colors,” Sonja says. “You can pick a brick to use as the main color and then choose a second option for a highlight or accent brick that can be used around doors in windows and other areas.”

MORE TO MORTAR. Another thing to keep in mind is the mortar color. Mortar will take up 20-30% of a wall, depending on the size of the mortar joints. Mortar can also change the appearance of the brick. “For instance, if you have a lightcolor­ed brick and you use a white mortar, it will make the white in the brick pop,” Sonja says. “If you go with Buff or Antique Buff, it will bring down the intensity of the white and give everything a softer, creamier look.” No matter what colors you choose, brick will always be a classic and timeless facade for your farmhouse style home.

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