American Farmhouse Style

American Style FRENCH

4 French details to use in your American farmhouse.


1. WORN FURNITURE. You may have a new build, but you can mimic the look of a centuries-old farmhouse with aged furniture. Resist the urge to refinish that new-to-you armoire you scored at an estate sale and embrace the chips, scratches and grooves; it’ll give your home a timeless feel.

2. COLOR. You don’t have to add bright accents if you prefer neutrals, but even muted colors like sage green or soft rose will add charm and cheer to your home. Try incorporat­ing color into a room with throw pillows or an afghan for a less permanent approach than furniture or painting the walls.

3. SUBTLE TABLESCAPE­S. When it comes to putting together a French-inspired tablescape, less is more. Avoid bulky candles and opt for slim brass candlestic­ks for a vintage look. Instead of cluttering the table with flashy decor, place fresh-cut flowers in a ceramic pitcher in the center of the table.

4. FLOOR LOVE. Whether you have tile or wood flooring, a vintage rug is the perfect way to warm a room (literally and aesthetica­lly). Antique or vintage-inspired French rugs with floral patterns can bring a pastoral softness to your farmhouse.

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